Composition And Importance Of HV Polo Saddle Pads

Choosing the right kind of saddle pads can be difficult for you if you are not a good connoisseur. HV Polo saddle pads are really the best pads that you can think of. They are available in various sizes, colors, materials and styles. This article throws light on the various characteristics of each kind of material, which is used in these pads.

These pads are made up of pure cotton. As a result, it remains relatively cool. These pads comprises of many layers of wool, which are compressed together. Because of this quality, these polo saddle pads absorb dampness and take the heat away from the horse and let it to disperse into the felt. They also absorb shock well and help in decreasing pressure points which are caused from a weak fitting saddle. Being composed of synthetic fleece, they are very strong and durable. This increases the longevity of these pads. Being highly stylish and elegant, you might be thinking that these are beyond your affordability. But, they are not very costly. If you are an average middle class person, then these pads won’t cut a hole in your pocket.  

As far as maintenance of HV Polo saddle pads is concerned, they can easily be maintained, provided you clean it from time to time with mild soap and detergent. The material, neoprene present in these pads, has a quality of stickiness, which greatly minimizes saddle movement. It has also been seen that some of the riders like to make use of fabric covers for preventing the pad from getting stuck to the saddle. In fact, these pads are made for horse with high withers. These pads are both technical and aesthetic. Being thicker at the saddle for a better damped, they have a logo HV POLO slip material. This brings more convenience and suitability and maintains the standard of the saddle.

Choosing what saddle to make use of depends on the kind of riding you prefer to do with your horse. Narrowing it down to Western or English riding, saddles can be divided into many categories like general purpose, pleasure, endurance or show. These saddle pads are used for various equestrian activities apart from work. They are used in competitive sports like cutting, reining, team roping, barrel racing, equitation and western pleasure. They are extremely good for even for the amateurish people also since they provide the impression of security

Nowadays, horseback riding has become one of the most sought after outdoor activities, with numerous young teens taking up this activity as hobby. If you are interested in horseback riding, then you need to take lessons prior to getting up on a horse and trying to ride it. While taking lessons of horseback riding, the instructor will teach you every aspect of the activity including how to fasten saddle pads properly to the horse so that the horse remains in comfortable position. A horse that does not feel comfortable after being fitted with the saddle pads, could become angry while you are on the riding course and thrash you in a fit of rage.