Every July 4th since 1972, the Rainbow Gathering has drawn between ten and twenty thousand on national forest land.  They build a temporary city in the woods, complete with kitchens, plumbing, medical care, and sanitation to accommodate the crowds. The gathering culminates with an elaborate and graceful prayer for Peace on the Fourth of July. Recently, Academy Award nominated producer Steve Kalafer helped create a documentary about the event, called We Love You

Here's the website's descrption of the film: "In the remote meadows and forests of Wyoming you’ll see the achievement that is the Rainbow Gathering and meet some of the people who attend. You will hear the campfire music, drum circles, and prayer. You will be horrified as you witness the violent oppression this group endures to pray for peace when Federal Agents shoot tear gas into the children’s area of the gathering. Then you will feel inspired as thousands gather the very next day and pray for peace. "

See trailer here:

WE LOVE YOU: Theatrical Trailer from Jonathan Kalafer on Vimeo.