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The “Hang in Balance [Remixes & Original Album]” was released on Street Ritual on 11/11/14 and stems from the original creation “Lisn” by London’s eclectic composer, Daniel Waples, aka “Hang In Balance” and friends. This release extends into full illumination by showcasing mind-boggling electronic remixes freshly created by eight innovative bass, experimental, and downtempo producers dispersed from the West Coast and Mid Coast of the U.S. nation: Subaqueous, Conscious Kalling, Jnana, Animatronix, DubCOliNG, GRiDWORK, Nas-ja, and Halo Refuser. Each auditory treasure withholds within itself its own story, emotion, and direction, all having aligning intentions that Daniel Waples too reveals – a universal peace connection through one’s own core entity. These sonic experimentations reveal cutting-edge sound design, magnetizing bass lines, innovative composition, lustrous beats, textured rhythms, and immeasurable depth in a downtempo setting. These pulsating sound triggers will flow seamlessly through your being and reveal a fresh new atmosphere of feeling.

Hang in Balance’s (Daniel Waples) original “Lisn” creation offers us nine limitless collaborations of ten awe-inspiring musicians/instrumentalists rising from continents across the world; Daniel Waples & friends: Flavio Lopez, Martin Cradick, James Winstanley, James Watts, Su Hart, Ayodele Scott, Ndia, Kibisingo, Radek Ditrych, and Caoimhe De Paor. A highly spiritual and mystical journey is found within each creation which reveals a gateway into a passionate expression of Celtic dynamic rhythms, stretching from sonic inspirations through the lands of Peru, into a canvas of esoteric Kabbalistic melodies, fused into other instinctive world African beats. Live instrumentations of the handpan, percussion, violin, double bass, guitar, mandolin, duduk, and recorders make it a creatively unique story. This universal connectedness of chillout tribal beats fused with today’s most electrifying underground electronic bass production is a hang drum of flowing experimentation of creative amalgamations. From London to the West Coast, these next level explorations of thought-provoking and invigorating soundscapes will ignite an emergence of pathways through inspiration. As we connect through rituals, music, artistic expressions, and experience, we emerge into new mind-sets, ultimately creating new-world changes made possible through self-reflections of inner-guidance.


Hang in Balance [Original & Remixes] consists of two separate “Bello Revive” remixes by DubCOliNG and Animatronix, “Cajon” remix by Conscious Kalling, two separate “Einsoff” remixes by GRiDWORK and Jnana, two separate “Lago” remixes by Subaqueous and Halo Refuser, and “Midnite” remix by NAs-ja. Also included are the nine original creations by Hang In Balance and friends: “Petit Son,” “Hang Out Back,” “Lago,” “Bello Revive,” “Cajon,” “Yankade,” “Midnite,” “Einsof,” and “Shoheen.” “Lago” (Subaqueous Remix) fuses beautifully with crescendos of instrumentation of recorders (Caoimhe De Paor) glistening through as ethereal aural escapes of Daniel’s rhythmic handpan tune in alignment. Subaqueous’ downtempo bass ignitions compose passionate feels as they reveal cutting-edge design and intention. The violin (Flavio Lopez) creates a soothing string fusion which makes for a pleasant feel of never-ending waves. Live mandolin (Martin Cradick) playing soon strikes, giving a double ass effect of love. “Cajon” (Conscious Kalling Remix) is a mystery of prophetic dreams waiting to be revealed as the violin sets the mood aligning the root chakra to the crown chakra through production of clear energetic aural bass triggers. A chillout vibe is present with a pulsating flow you won’t escape out of, as these live instrumentations fuse well together, intended to mesmerize and capture unity.

“Einsof” (Jnana Remix) is initiated by Jnana’s electrifying bass vibes of trickling instrumentation of the duduk (James Watts) as live bass strumming (Radek Ditrych) sinks into Daniel’s illuminating high pitch to low pitch handpan, ultimately bringing a balance through the violin. A straight-up flowing composition makes it a vibrant atmosphere of a rich tapestry composed of snare strikes all around. “Bello Revive” (Animatronix Remix) is an invigorating escape into a crescendoing healing effect of the handpan as Animatronix’s breathtaking and intriguing electronic water drop bass splashes create a glowing vibe. Violin and guitar flow seaminglessly through each measured world beat of the baka drum (Ndia). A melodic and calming feel makes for a fresh start of open channels of truths and visions. “Bello Revive” (DubCOLiNG Remix) is psychedelic beats of deep bass and gratifying depths. Amalgamations from this born mixologists’ productions’ fuse well with all live instruments creating a waterfall of beaming worlds… you can feel his roots in turntablism.


“Einsof” (GRiDWORK Remix) is wind calling through electronic aural escapes, an intricate story of unique patterns and textures that will sink you into deep meditation. Twirls of never-ending imaginative twists create a mystical vibe as violin playing reveals a theme of its own… a duduk dream come true. Midnite” (Nas-ja Remix) is the sound of the platonic solids through world beat feels. A unique chillout vibe of Hang in Balance’s dexterous flow reaches a new vision as Nas-ja’s flavors of eclectic production tones of steady bass, percussion, and heavy drum patterning level up giving it authenticity into the other multi-instrumentalists. “Lago” (Halo Refuser Remix) is initially heard through Daniel’s skilled illuminations of natural ability as Halo Refuser’s heart-fueled breaks and glitch patterns create more depth in this experimental downtempo setting. Sporadic and soulful live instrumentation of violin, recorders, double bass, and mandolin truly create the language of magic.

Each beat, flow, rhythm, intention, pattern, and texture fuse together to create a Universal connection beyond time and human existence. A conscious uplift, this release goes into the friendship of Knowa Lusion (Founder of Street Ritual) and Daniel Waples, which set in motion a meaningful release of truth by working together and building ideas that stem from their entity. Hang In Balance: Lisn [Remixes & Originals] is a splendid creation of collaborations from musicians and producers aligning from all over the world… it’s a spiritual journey into the known. Daniel Waples–Hang in Balance–is from London and got his first handpan in 2007. He supports himself as an independent musician whilst spreading the gospel of the handpan, an instrument associated with energy work and alternative healing, and one which he hopes will become a symbol for universal peace and the inner journeys all people take pursuing their individual Paths. Shout out to the art remix by Glyphix.

Get the album here: “Hang in Balance [Remixes & Original Album]

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