Drunvalo Melchizidek, author of books on sacred geometry and
2012, just released a series of videos, available free on Youtube, that present the
contemporary Maya perspective on 2012. Melchizidek received permission from Don
Alejandro Cirilo Perez, the leader of the Mayan council of elders, to disseminate
this material, much of it quite fascinating.

According to Don Alejandro and the
Maya, the earth will soon undergo a magnetic pole shift and mass crustal displacement, while humanity shifts into a
new form of consciousness. At some point, there will be a 30-hour period of blackness –
not just an eclipse of the sun, but total blindness – in which people are
advised to sit still and wait. This will take place somewhere between now and 2017, with land masses shifting above and below the

In some of the most interesting parts of the video, Melchizidek
discusses the essential place of ceremony in Maya culture, which connects us to
the heart of the earth and the heart of the universe. He notes that the new
paradigm involves the integration of the ancient and modern knowledge, and a
movement into a heart-centered way of life.

I found Melchizidek’s last book to be of dubious value. A
huge number of psychic experiences were recounted, and it seemed as if he might
be somewhat self-deluded or on a power trip as he described how he ran around the planet,
saving the earth by performing a series of complex rituals, all of them perfectly
guided by spirit. However, I found these videos to be quite compelling and don’t
really know what to make of them yet, except to say they should be necessary
watching for those interested in this topic. I look forward to having a lively
discussion about them here.

One thing that seemed very odd was that, while proposing
imminent traumatic events and mass crustal displacements, Melchizidek 
advises people not to change their current life path in any way, except by starting
to practice meditation and turning inward. His viewpoint is that the change is
going to be a massive psychic shift, and there is basically no way to prepare
for it at this time. He seems to suggest that it makes no difference whether or not you make it through the transition in your current physical form, as everyone will undergo the same transition to the "fifth world" of unity consciousness. I feel very uneasy about ths perspective, and wonder what others will think.

 As an odd footnote: After watching the series, I went outside to meander on my block, and had what was either a minor psychic experience or a visionary hallucination in which some white cotton puffy stuff barely illuminated on the dark sidewalk seemed to become a tiny Elfin figure, moving about and gesticulating wildly.