Civilizations have smoked herbal blends for centuries. Not only were they used to relieve common ailments, but they were also used to help reduce stress. Of course, with smoking also comes some negative health impacts. The good news is dry herb vaporizers can control the combustion process with a temperature controlled airflow to get the most out of the herbs without any toxic by-products. Not to mention, the vaporizer devices are small enough to fit in your pocket. Here are some of the most popular herbs for vaping.

Green tea

Most people understand the multitude of health benefits that come from drinking green tea. The tea offers a very powerful antioxidant punch. Not to mention, green tea has been long known within Chinese medicine. Although it is traditionally prepared as a tea, it does have a pleasant flavor that goes well with vaping. Some of the health benefits (attributed to green tea) range from easing depression to reducing aches and pains. The optimal vaporization temperature of green tea is 353°F or 178°C. Since green tea does have caffeine, it will produce an increase in your energy level. It may even come on a bit more quickly while vaping as opposed to drinking it as a tea. Yet, it might not be as powerful as a strong cup of coffee. Also, vaping green tea may help with easing digestion.


The Damiana plant is native to central America. It is been used both medically and recreationally. Like green tea, it is traditionally brewed for drinking. The perfect optimal vaporization temperature for Damiana is at 74°F or 190°C. You want to vape Damiana when you are not driving as it can produce a calming effect and a light buzz all over your body. If you have asthma or depression, Damiana is believed to lightly treat these symptons. In addition, the Mayans used Damiana as an aphrodesiac.


Chamomile is quite the popular herb because it seems to have hundreds of uses. Before the advancement of Western medicine, chamomile was used to aid in the relief of anxiety, depression, stress, headaches and indigestion. As with the other herbs, it is most common to drink a chamomile tea. The best time to vape chamomile is when you want to relax. You might feel a mild euphoria. Also, the optimal vaporization temperature of chamomile is 374°F or 190°C. You can use chamomile with either a dry herb vaporizer or a desktop vaporizer.


You are probably wondering why you would ever think of vaporizing hops. Isn’t this herb mainly used in beer? While true, hops are said to have a complex flavor that produces a slight sense of euphoria. It also appears to give a relaxing effect. The good news is there are a wide variety of hops, so you can test as many as you like. After that, you can decide what varieties are your favorite. Some users feel that hops has a pleasurable taste, even when mixed with other herbs.



Peppermint is a fantastic herb to vape. This is because it is not only soothing, but it tastes great. If you love the bright taste of peppermint, then you will enjoy it while vaping. The optimal vaporization temperature for peppermint is 255°F or 124°C. Peppermint is also known to ease symptoms of allergies   and asthma, in addition to alleviating some of the side effects that come along with the common cold or a sinus infection. Moreover, mixing a little peppermint with another herb can help to improve the overall flavor.

Using herbs (with a vaporizer) is a fun way to increase the potency of each of the herbs. You want to make sure that the herb you select is both safe to inhale and beneficial to your health. Make sure that you check with your doctor to determine if there are herbs that will conflict with any medical conditions or allergies you might have. Also, some people prefer to use herbs in vaporizers is through an essential oil form. Nonetheless, vaping dry herbs is highly pleasurable. 

On the other hand, you can always grinding your herbs to a fine powder in a coffee grinder or an herb grinder. You want to press the grinder on and off because you don’t want to overheat the herb. When you grind your herbs it makes it easier to get an even experience that heightens your vaping pleasure. Sure you could hand crush the herbs yourself, but they will not be in even pieces, which may affect how potent each inhale becomes. Also, when you grind your herbs, it helps to release some of the natural juices before you even start with vaping. As a result, you get a deeper and more pleasurable affect of each herb you use. 

Don’t forget to follow the specific instructions that go along with your desktop or dry herb vaporizer. The key to an enjoyable and worry-free vaping experience is practicing safety first. That way, nothing will get in between you and your treasured vaporizer.