Keyframe-Entertainment is honored to be sponsoring Alia‘s Feminine Medicine Kickstarter campaign.
Feminine Medicine is an original album and stage show produced by EDM artist ALIA that is a collaborative platform for more women’s artistic voices. Feminine Medicine will feature 13 original songs that are collaborations with 16 other female vocalists, instrumentalists, and producers.

As Alia states: 

“We know that when women are marginalized it can cause an imbalance on the planet. Yet there are still many domains and industries that have not included as many women – the DJ-driven, electronic music industry has been one such domain.

For Burning Man 2014 I had the inspiration to create a musical set and stage show called “Feminine Medicine” that featured dance music created by women along with my own original songs. I invited multiple dancers and vocalists of all styles to create a 1-hour performance that was a transmission of the Feminine in her many forms.

This was such a hit that I set to work to bring together a group of women who felt called to collaborate on an album of original music with me under the same Feminine Medicine name. 

For the Summer festival season, I have been invited to share a version of the Feminine Medicine stage show on some exquisite stages at conscious festivals. To produce this I already have 3 talented choreographers on board and at least 10 dancers. In addition, we plan to mount the stage show choreographed to the full album of music at a Bay Area location in the Fall.

We need your support to help make this album and stage show a reality!

Your donation will make a huge difference in the speed and quality of production for the album. If we meet our stretch goal, those funds will be used to help further promote the album, and to create a stunning, beautifully produced show. Project collaborators include Aleksandra Dubov, Ali Kane, Amadora, Amae Love, Amma Lightweaver, DJ Dakini, Eleanor Tara, HANNAH, Heather Christie, Imagika Om, JemInEye, Kaia Ra, Kyrstyn Pixton, Liquid Love Drops aka Jocelyn, Prrisma, Wahkeena Sitka, KC Baker, Sonya Stewart, and Tenley Wallace. 

My big vision is that we can begin to take Feminine Medicine around the world and that all the women involved will experience a flourishing of their careers.  

If you believe that it is time for more women’s artistic voices to be represented on bigger stages and dance floors, and for more women’s voices to be heard around the world, then I invite you to support this.

To view the Feminine Medicine Kickstarter campaign and its various rewards, click here.

Partial list of artists involved:

Amadora – Vocalist and Producer

HANNAH – Producer and Violinist


Imagika Om – Producer and Vocalist –

Kaia Ra – Channeler and Vocalist –

Prrisma – Vocalist and Producer –