Review by Sofia Raisanen for Keyframe-Entertainment / Evolver EDM

Mochipet released “Psilocybin Samurai” on January 3rd, 2015, and it’s an exploration into psychedelic visions, a magic trip composed of glitch hop swerves, “truffle steps,” and psychedelic bass grooves. David Wang, a phase of a Japanese Samurai, delivers a unique frequency exploration, an album full of freshness, so be sure to tune-in and absorb the psychedelic journey.  A mythical creation and entrance into new realms creates expansions of thought, a gaze into the mind’s eye of the universe and limitless epiphanies. Shuffle beats is the sonic soul that drives Mochipet, he takes you into aligning sacred vibrations full of hyphy yay area tempos, revealing passions and tastes, clearing blockages of perception through hard-hitting bass lines, intricate melodies, and other worldly rhythms that will have you vibrating at the highest frequency possible.

“Psilocybin Samurai” consists of four audible hallucinogenic glitch emergences, four edible truths: “Cractal Frunk,” “Psilocybin Samurai,” “Princess Monomenoke,” and “Hati Babi Bungkus.” “Cractal Funk” is a crunchy, funkadelic, and bouncy twirl of scrumptious glitches and hip-hop feels. Never-ending futuristic element amalgamations will make you feel weird, an entrance into a psilocybin peaking experience. “Psilocybin Samurai” is introduced through a mysteriously slow-beat Japanese-eque tempo, an appearance of a sonic Katana slash bound to defeat a battle, letting go of the ego, and guiding through awareness and consciousness through glitchy psychotropic substances. Heavy bass, rhythmic xylophonic sounding strikes, and grimey grooves make for an everlasting flowing experience. “Princess Monomenoke” is the sonic version of the anime historical fantasy film. A spirit of truth revealed through glitch and creatively fine-tuned elements, bass wurbbles galore. Deep basslines consume the spirit releasing the old and breathing in with the new, a twist in danceable motivations with activation intentions. “Hati Babi Bungkus” is the aural translation of goodness from an epic meal, a bowl of glitch. Traditional recipe fused with an original production of sound; an inventive move.

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