Jonathan writes a song a day. Calling his band Rock Cookie Bottom, each creation by this Reality Sandwich fan is posted complete with music video mirroring his eclectic idiosyncrasies. With over 265 currently released, his song stylings go from rock to folk with all stops between and beyond.

Taking inspiration from viewers suggestions, economic columnists, and even "scary ant-like creatures" found in his roommate's room, every day offers up a new surprise. As he states in his Song a Day Anthem (song #11)- some songs will suck, some will be mediocre, but by "simple probability" some will be excellent. Glancing through his blog rockcookiebottom, one could argue many are the latter. At the very least–with sometimes non sequitur subjects ranging from the seemingly pointless to poignant–all of his songs communicate Jonathan's learnt freedom from the voices of insecurity that plague us all.

And even if he still hears them–he'll just writes a song about it

Rock Cookie Bottom's songs and videos can be found on his blog (updated daily):