datingMany couples entertain the idea of a prenuptial agreement before entering marriage. This is necessary if you own an island or at least a mansion with lots of butlers. Why? Elementary my friend, your soon to be wife or husband might be just after your money so better keep your mansion with lots of butlers safe.

A prenuptial agreement before marriage isn’t different from a prenuptial agreement before dating. There may be no island or a mansion with lots of butlers at stake, but still it wouldn’t hurt jotting down notes or weighing the possibilities before taking your relationship to the next level.

So here are a few suggestions to help you:

Watching a game of my alma mater is a valid excuse. I am a man you can’t just take it out of my system whether it’s on a Sunday afternoon, Monday night or Saturday. A game is a game.

  • If I tell you you’re fat, you are. If I don’t, then you don’t. Deal with it.
  • You can’t say I’m unfair if I go on our date by myself when you’re more than an hour late and since I’m by myself I don’t need your opinion on where to eat.
  • Doing guessing games wouldn’t count only direct requests. Playing charades you want to watch “Twilight” guarantee you nothing.

As a gentleman, it’s fair enough to give you ladies a few key points as well.

  • We value “Ladies’ night” so you don’t have to insist coming with me and create drama when I leave.
  • Even my cat is trained to pee in the toilet so peeing anywhere else not designated to be peed on is not OK.
  • You are mandated to take me to whatever chick flick I want to watch every month without any objections.

The trick is good negotiation, and get tips from sites like WOW Date. You can ask for more but not too much. Don’t be such a demanding nut job. But it’s also important for both parties to equally agree with their conditions. After all, you wouldn’t even bother doing a date-nup if your relationship is about to fall apart. Sooner or later, you’ll both learn to adjust with your respective terms and conditions or maybe even switch places if you get bored. Just remember, there is no I in WE and US, but there is in idiot.