In July of this year a rocket took off from Cape Canaveral carrying LCROSS (The Lunar Crater Observing and Sensing Satellite) and began its journey to the moon. On Friday October 10th the rocket will release a missile headed straight for the surface of the moon. The missile is being aimed at the Cabeus crater on the moon's surface because it is likely that this location will show definite proof of water. If water is found the bombing will measure the proportion of ice to dust in the debris kicked up by the blast.

The impact will occur at 7:31AM EST, with the missile hitting the surface at 5,600mph and expecting a dust cloud thirty miles high. The creation of the Moon's newest crater can be seen from earth with telescopes 10 inches or larger.  Much like the moon landing of 1969 there will be live broadcast events throughout the US for people to gather and watch this modern moon landing. NASA's website will also broadcast the events of the morning.


Visit here for a list of public events at which to view the explosion. 


Image: "Red Moon-Suspended In Space" By Sudhamshu on Flickr courtesy of Creative Commons Licensing.