A hundred and fifty years after the publication of  Darwin's Origin of Species, evolution is still a hotly-debated topic in America.  This fall, biologist and bestselling author Richard Dawkins offers evidence that evolution is true in his new book, The Greatest Show on Earth.

According to Dawkins, Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection is accepted by all reputable scientists, yet a staggering 40% of the American population do not believe it.  Instead, these "history deniers," as Dawkins styles them, believe God created all life on Earth a mere 10,000 years ago. 

In his previous books, which include The Blind Watchmaker, Unweaving the Rainbow, and the blockbuster The God Delusion, Dawkins based his arguments on the premise that evolution is true.  Now in his new book, he goes head-to-head with Creationists, offering evidence that Darwin was right.  Writing with his trademark eloquence and wit, Dawkins argues that evolution is a fact that is beyond doubt.

In answer to those who fear that the theory of evolution strips life of meaning, Dawkins offers the following rebuttal:  "Evolution,” he writes, “ is an inescapable fact, and we should celebrate its astonishing power, simplicity and beauty."

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin's Origin of Species and to promote his exciting new book on evolution, Richard Dawkins will make three appearances in New York City: Oct 18th at Kaufmann Concert Hall, Oct 19th at The New York Academy of Sciences, and Oct 21st at Barnes & Noble Tribeca.

For more information and to read the first chapter of The Greatest Show on Earth, go to www.richarddawkins.net.