best hair dryer

A professional hair dryer is a must-have beauty tool. Read our Golden Rules to know how to use it well to make your hair and your hairstyles look fabulous.

Use protective care before drying your hair

To avoid damaging your hair fibers, it is essential to protect them before using your hair dryer. For this, consider using heat protective spray that creates a protective sheath around the hair, especially if you have damaged or weakened hair. There are also styling products that help achieve the desired result when drying while taking care of your hair: smoothing serum, Curls Shaping Milk …

Professional hair dryer: use it carefully

Just because your professional hair dryer is ultra-powerful doesn’t mean you should be using its highest settings all the time. It would be better to dry your hair using the medium heat setting and spend a little more time than using hot air that may burn the fiber. Also, learn how to adjust the heat and speed settings of your hair dryer during the different stages of drying

Never put your hair dryer right on your hair

To avoid damaging the fibers, it is essential to maintain a safe distance between the dryer and the hair. Hair professionals have the habit to place the dryer at a distance of 20 cm from the hair. Only the diffuser may be placed in contact with the hair, as it provides a heat diffusion.

Make use of your professional hair dryer’s cool shot button

Most professional hair dryers are now equipped with a cold air option. Feel free to use it! This option is very useful especially at the end of drying or styling. Cold air is known to close the hair scales and thus make them smoother and shinier, but also to lock the hairstyle into place. So, we do not deny how useful it is.

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