If you are a web guru, Reality Sandwich needs you! The site is taking off, and we have more work and opportunities than we know what to do with.

We're looking for someone who can help us with all things Web. We use Drupal, the PHP/MySQL content management system. We need an experienced Web person to help with the day-to-day maintenance, configuration, tweaking and potentially programming of the site – people who can do Web administration and have experience with Web-based content management systems. We'd love it if you have web development skills like CSS/xHTML, PHP, MySQL and Drupal. You will be supported by the CivicActions team that built the website – so this is a good opportunity to learn from Drupal experts.

Go to the Contact page, choose "Web Guru" from the Category list, tell us a little about yourself, and hit send.

Right now we're offering a great volunteer experience – warm fuzzy feelings are guaranteed! You'll work with the RS editorial team, and coders at the top of their game… and you'll be able to say "I remember Reality Sandwich when…."



Reality Sandwich Drupal Guy image by Travis Kyle.