It has always been said that it is highly important for people to become spiritual in order to have a deeper understanding about life. Often times, true happiness is based on how happy and content people are spiritually and not materially. What a lot of Jamaican men and women do not realize is that spirituality and the different dynamics of life are experienced differently by different ethnic groups.

This means that there are some people who truly feel that they are healed because of praying or because of getting in touch with their god/s. They even brag about this at dating sites like and There are also others who would need to do a lot of processes in order to understand the purpose of what has just happened to them. The fact that there are different levels of spirituality and that it changed from one ethnic group to another is actually common.

A lot of  Viet singles feel that the more spiritual they are, the more blessed they are going to be about life. For others, they believe that their link to spirituality is their families. The more that they take care of their families, the better their lives are going to be. The beliefs that people have may change depending on the culture too. There are some who believe that their lives have better meanings than what they currently know and their main goal is to find out what living their life truly means.

For others cultures and ethnic groups, men are considered to be the head of household. This means that if the head of household dies, this can cause some problems with the family. For other ethnic groups, men and women are just not equal and this can cause some problems in the future. The world is becoming more modern day by day. Will the spirituality and other dynamics of ethnic groups be able to withstand the test of time?