Most of us understand how to setup a social media page on a social media platform like Google plus, Facebook or Twitter but not many of us understand how to convert these likes and shares into customers and returning customers.  In the beginning I found it rather difficult, but reading about how to optimize my social media platform I now understand what I need to do and how I should should do it.

Please check below on different methods I have used to increase social media conversions.

Limited Time Offer: 
People are inundated with offers all the time, from the moment they wake up till the moment they go to sleep. An offer that has no expiration date might very well sit on the someday list forever. Encourage the user to make a decision right then and there by making an offer available just for a few days, or a few hours.

Rewarding Clicks
Reward visitors who click on your link with a special gift. Give them extra storage space, free months of usage or a specific gift, or other rewards. A company that gives back to its most active customers ensures free publicity and goodwill among its supporters, and increased conversions across the board.
Encourage Membership
Provide additional incentives to members of your organization by providing special offers and information they have special access to. This encourages passive customers to become active customers, ensuring a higher conversion rate through greater frequency of exposure to your offerings.
Be Relevant
Don’t post random offers or tangential information to customers or members who have joined your social network. By having only relevant offers, links, and deals, you are ensuring not only a higher conversion rate, but a lower drop out rate. Use your social media platform wisely.
Don’t Overdo It
Nothing kills customer goodwill more than a company that oversteps its boundaries and start impinging on the lives of its customers. If you have a special offer, then share it — hopefully it is either followed up on by the customer, or shared by him or her to someone else. If the customer doesn’t respond, then usually its best to let it go and send him another offer a few weeks later. Don’t pressure the customer so strongly to convert that he loses goodwill for you, never to buy from you again.
Be Helpful
Genuinely aim to help a customer achieve his or her goals. Pose questions to your customers to understand what their needs are, and how your tools, services, and information can help them. They will inadvertently return the goodwill by purchasing from you, or at least sharing your offerings with others. This will ensure a broader reach for sales conversion.
Free Information
Sure, you ultimately want greater sales for your offerings. However, the value in this day and age is earned, not demanded. Demonstrate your value and expertise through information, tips, strategies, and guidelines for whatever industry you are in. It is this demonstrated value and expertise that allows a customer to trust in your experience, and ultimately trust in your offering.

All these seven tips can help you achieve the highest conversion rate for your offerings over the long haul. Think long term value, think real value, and the customer will be much more willing to convert into actual clicks and real sales. Ultimately, these principles come down to simple common sense, value and respect.

There are plenty of content management systems that are open to search engine optimization and will help you with attracting traffic. However, among the many CMS’s out there, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, SilverStripe, and Frog- CMS happen to be among the very best.