LEGO is the world’s most popular producer of bricks and building sets. It has been the friend of many children for over 50 years, waking up their creativity, helping in the development of social and emotional skills, language skills, cognitive skills and even physical skills. Who knows how many scientists and engineers were spawned by these small and interesting plastic building blocks produced by LEGO.


LEGO is producing plastic toy bricks, easily transformable into space ships, vehicles, trains, motorcycles, buildings and all kinds of stuff. The company has designed series of building sets based on the characters and events of some of the world’s most popular franchises, such as Star Wars, Avengers, Justice League, Lord of the Rings, etc. One of the most popular series of LEGO bricks is Juniors. Designed for pure entertainment of children aged 4-7, LEGO Juniors features a plenty of thrilling and exciting scenarios that will keep your kids’ attention for hours.

Fun and easy to build, LEGO Juniors sets contain numbered pre-packed bags to make it easier for your kids to find and pack the bricks when building, without any help from dad or mom. This will not only help your kid to develop a variety of skills, but it also make him/her proud of the final product, no matter if it’s only few building blocks connected in a random shape. By using their imagination to build up a space shuttle, kids will be building their self-confidence, which is highly important at that stage of development.


LEGO Juniors building sets also provide the children an opportunity for imaginative role playing. Whether your child wants to become Batman watching over Gotham City or create the The Big Escape with the Police, there are plenty of opportunities for imaginative playing. If heroism is not what your child wants, there is a LEGO Juniors Pony Farm set that allows children to learn what it takes to run a farm since early age.

Children aged 4-7 years are often fascinated by LEGO building sets designed for older children, but more than often they find those sets too complicated. LEGO Juniors sets are especially designed for children of this age stage, so your child will play with all sorts of stuff: wizards, animals, superheroes, police, princesses and others, without getting confused.

LEGO Juniors sets are colorful, fun and perfect for children age 4-7. These building sets will help your children in a variety of ways and inspire many different scenarios for playing.