Third Man Records, started by Jack White (of The White Stripes) released a 7-inch single of "A Glorious Dawn", a song that has taken the internet by storm. The song was composed by John Boswell and is comprised of snippets of Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" talk–with a special appearance by Stephen Hawking.  Boswell is working on a project entitled "Symphony of Science", in which he will take scientists' work and use an auto-tune to control the pitch of the speech and put it to music. The video clip of " A Glorious Dawn"  became a YouTube sensation shortly after it was put up.

The single, released November 9th to celebrate what would have been Sagan's 75th birthday, contains music only on side A. The B-side has the same etching as the B-side of the Golden Voyager Record, sent out into space in 1977 in hopes to communicate with extra terrestrials. The Golden Voyager record contained information about humans, as well as natural "earth" sounds and popular music of the time. A limited pressing of the single will be on "cosmos colored vinyl", which will be sent to random mail order coustomers and be available to pick up in person at the store.  You can purchase the single on Third Man Record's online store, or from their store in Nashville.


Watch the video Here