MetaMix Episode 5 (Feb 2015)

1. Scotty A – The Heart is a lonely hunter (Dousk Remix)
2. Andre Winter – Hatzler Mirage
3. Sam Paganini – Rave
4. Spektre – Erase the Tapes (Jon Rundel Remix)
5. Hollen – Collision
6. Matthew Jay – Javes
7. Lutzenkirchen – Jazeera Express (ElMute Remix)
8. MetaTek – Playa Stride
9. Lowkey & Cardinal – Voodoo Calls
10. Dualitik & Optimus – Funk Cakes
11. Victor Ruiz & Alex Stein – Bass
12. Raul Mezcolanze – Look my face (Gabriel D’Or and Bordoy Remix)
13. DJ Boris & Jewel Kid – Submissive
14. Schumacher & Tony Brown – Wack
15. Matt Minimal – Break It (Spartaque Remix)
16. Julian Juweil – Los Pistolos

JB DeVries, better known by his stage name MetaTek, is an American DJ and Producer living in San Francisco. Of Dutch origin, MetaTek is formerly known as The Quadrobe. As a writer and producer of music since his teen years, MetaTek’s exploration and commitment to his music has been continuous. While his former monikers The Quadrobe and JB DeVries varied slightly, his intention has essentially remained the same: to see his audiences lose themselves in the music, blurring the line between physical and nonphysical influences.  

A true innovator, he explores a deep range of textures within the complexities of Techno, complete with pulsating beats, driving melodies, and rhythms that invite listeners to become one in the moment–leading them to experience something beyond (Meta) simply techno (Tek).

MetaTek has performed at the Transahara Festival in Morocco and a multitude of Bay Area, Los Angeles and Seattle events. As a longstanding member of Burning Man’s Opulent Temple, he has performed alongside artists such as Carl Cox, Christopher Lawrence, and The Crystal Method.

Currently, MetaTek has a large number of tracks in development, including the next 2-track, Burning Man-inspired release “Playa EP,” recently signed to France’s ODN Records. ODN has a long history of solid techno releases with talents like Elmute, Riktam & Bansi, and The Weekend Heroes among their ranks. In 2015, MetaTek also released his track “Kazurakus” with the EMA-Global music label, an organization dedicated to being the “Sound of Change” in the world by organizing around issues important to the dance community. As an ardent schooled and self-taught artist, MetaTek also creates weekly MetaMixes, a channel he created to connect with listeners on a regular basis.

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