I feel we are living a new kind of techno-spirituality, in which we use gadgets, applications and even fb to connect with “whats beyond visible”, for years Ive been analyzing the growing trend of making cyber memorial altars to friends and relatives that have passed away, a place where technology bridges spirituality and serves as a platform for people to connect somehow with people that is no longer here. on the other hand, the internet is allowing us to connect globally in ways that have never been seen before, techno-nomadism is helping us go from one place in the world and then go find a job or a mission on the other side of the globe. We are building the tightest most diverse global network in history, and within it comes the responsibility of doing whats best for our planet, and our people . Once we are aware of this net, we can not remain sited in the confort zone while the world is being destroyed, an opportunity to change history has been presented to us, will you step forward??