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Valentin Santana is a Santa Cruz-based music producer who channels two inspiring Electronic Music projects: Dissølv and Calibrate.

Valentin has performed at many transformational festivals and venues, from the San Francisco Warfield and Fillmore theaters, to Burning Man’s Opulent Temple and beyond. With three releases forming a trinity of eclectic sounds–from high energy Psytrance and deep, organic Dubstep to the latest heart-centered Future Bass release on Merkaba Music–Valentin is committed to bringing listeners conscious, authentic vibrations that stimulate and awaken on every level. Valentin holds a degree and multiple certifications in Audio Recording/Production, Sound Healing and Energy Therapies.

Keyframe had the chance to catch up with Valentin to discuss music, art and upcoming performances.

Tell us about your projects Dissølv and Calibrate.

Dissølv is my conscious future bass/ psystep MUSIC project. The name Dissølv came to me on an outdoor dance floor under the full moon, during a musical experience that opened a true feeling of surrender through the ancient memory of dance as a primal and sacred ritual that connects us, and is the ultimate source of all. Dissølv represents the human experience of metamorphosis; when we surrender and let go of attachment to self, then we can Dissølv into a being of pure energy and light, free of ego. Dissølv has been on an ever-evolving sonic journey since 2010, with early origins as a live electronic band opening for world-class artists like Shpongle and Infected Mushroom.

Calibrate is my sound healing project. It came to me as a scientifically tangible description of what sound can do to a human being. Just like the human body, tools and instruments must be tuned or balanced (calibrated) to operate in harmony and proficiency. All of existence is in constant vibration, including our cells and atoms. By calibrating and tuning our bodies into harmonic resonance with itself, we strive to prevent disease, emotional imbalances and illnesses within the body. Calibrate represents a voice of balance to a world in frequent oscillation.

Who are some of the prime musical influences in your life?

Some that come to mind include Tipper, Shpongle, Desert Dwellers, Kalya Scintilla, Opiou, Griz, Phutureprimative, Gjones, Govinda, Polish Ambassador, Dirtwire, Emancipator, and Beats Antique — to name a few.

They, and any other producers who are trying to bring the underground to the mainstream in a fully conscious and intentional way, are great sources of inspiration.

In what way(s) does your music intend to heal and/or impact your listeners?

Dissølv’s intention is to bring its listeners into a state of awareness through music that will reignite their ancestral roots of dance as a way to connect to source, soul, and spirit.

Calibrate provides music that relaxes, rejuvenates, and creates space for people to heal, envision, and awaken.

I also recently co-produced a sound healing production at Symbiosis Gathering via The Calibration Station in collaboration with Ten Thousand Visions. The Calibration Station is a lushly decorated sanctuary to promote healing, relaxation, and consciousness exploration through sound light, and visuals. It offers free sound healing treatments, workshops, and an interactive play-­space, as well as Ambient Sound Healing performances, and an immersive multimedia art and sound experience at night.

In March 2015, you released “Realms of Passage” on Kalya Scintilla’s music label Merkaba Music, as well as your most recent release “Etheric Echoes”. Tell us about that process and that came about?

I have been a longtime fan of Kalya Scintilla and the eclectic visionary musicians on Merkaba Music. Kalya and I met through mutual friends in the lush healing arts community of Santa Cruz, CA; he has become a dear friend and sonic mentor ever since. The consistent clarity of consciousness I experienced with each Merkaba release inspired me to take my sound to a deeper level of intention and attunement. Some of my favorite things about this label are how supportive all the artists are of each other from all corners of the world, and the high level of discernment of intentional music production and sound design through diverse instruments, tuning systems, and songs of nature.

Your albums, websites, and social media accounts feature constant streams of breathtaking art. Who are some of the prime artistic influences in your life? How do you go about selecting art for your projects?

I’m a huge advocate of the coalition of the arts! I often dream of Aldous Huxley’s multi-sensory symphony in his book “Brave New World,” where the instruments create sound, visual art, smell, taste and touch for the audience! My album artwork is mastercrafted by an Australian visionary Clint Grierson of Point Zero Productions. His work has truly captured the spirit and heart of each of my releases. With so many incredibly talented artists on the rise there is no shortage of visual selections. Some of my favorites are Michael Devine, Vajra and the legendary Android Jones.

You’ve traveled quite a bit. What are some of the favorite places you’ve been to?

I’ve been bouncing back and forth between the east and west coast my entire life and feel at home on both sides. I’ve also traveled through Scandinavia and Eastern Canada, with my favorite place so far being the Caribbean tip of Mexico where I feel deep ancestral roots with the Maya.

Any upcoming gigs?

I will be in Central America from Dec. 1st – March 7th, 2016. I’ll be playing New Year’s Eve at Guatemala’s Cosmic Convergence and many other events to be announced soon! I look forward to exploring this uncharted territory and connecting with my indigenous roots. I will be taking field recordings to create a library sounds of nature, animals, ceremonial songs and raw testimonials of people expressing their visions of a healthy new world.

On a more immediate note, I’ll be at Wormhole Wednesday in Oakland on Wednesday, October  21st, along with Fine Cut Bodies, Ancient Mermaids, and Isturite. 

WORMHOLE WEDNESDAY is Oakland’s Bass Music Weekly; dedicated to presenting only the best in bass heavy music, intelligent lighting, and psychedelic projection visuals. 10/21 is the birthday hole for one of the founders, Morgan!

You can get your ticket to Wormhole 10/21 here:

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