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Chloe Herry, aka CloZee, is a young, inspiring, and ever-growing glitch-hop, trip-hop, and world bass producer rising from France. A profound musician since before her teenage years, she initially dove into the creative world of music through instrumentation of the classical guitar. As time passed by and as her organic creativity with the guitar flourished, she then began to fuel a new direction at 16, all led through passion for the scene – organic music production. Influenced by pioneering artists such as Tipper and edIT, she takes a similar approach in themes: originality, flawless sound design, hard hitting drums/percussive leads, soundscapes, and live concentration. A passionate and fresh artist, she won the ‘Best International Newcomer of 2013′ at the UK Glitch-Hop Award, has collaborated with OckeFilms, and has releases in multiple record labels across the world. She’s created her own place in the glitch community, and as she continues to grow from within, her music will continue to lead in majestic directions.

Inspired by CloZee, I reached out to her to get a fresh outlook on the depths of her creativity and her inspirations after having completed her 3rd North American tour. She reveals alignments through her latest tour, inspirations, goals, CloZinger project, future releases, hobbies, messages, dreams, intuition, and duality through sound!

CloZee released Revolution on Gravitas Recordings, a 5-track revolution of sound design and synthetic presentation! She takes sound experimentation to spiritual illumination through organic elements, rhythmic composition, mind-boggling percussive escapes, glitch-hop signatures, illuminating ambience, and cinematic fusions through world bass. Fusing organics and elemental variety, each track in Revolution displays a story of truth, all led through intuitive dreams and galactic visions through experience. A stellar visual representation of her sonic amalgamations through this EP are displayed by the artwork of Lulu Swallow!

Revolution EP consists of 5 profound, innovative, yet signature amalgamations through organic world bass vibes felt within each beat, melody, and rhythm. It’s an imaginative intention through depth feels:“Anticlimax,” “Revolution,” “Sankar’s Lake,” “Apsara Calling,” and “The Path to Heaven.” “Anticlimax” is an evolving and healing journey into the Now as melodies initially reveal crescendos through glitch synth, organic instrumentals, rhythmic yet steady percussion, and captivating chants. Soundscapes blend beautifully as intentional and rising twists create enticing leads through mesmerizing grooves and glitchy vibes; an anti-climax then follows. “Revolution” is a cinematic approach sparked through fresh trickling beats and alluring melodies. Deep sub bass growls and grimey glitch  ignite from the depths of evolutionary shifts, strikes of humanity birthing a new consciousness through percussive atmospheres.

“Sankar’s Lake” is an ethereal and ambient vibration initially through organic instrumentation of the sitar. It’s a lively Eastern escape, it’s a tribal mood. Deep synth takes the lead and intricate and glitchy sound design triggers a fresh, groovy, yet soothing movements. “Apsara Calling” is initiated by continual Buddhist synth leads, high-pitch melodies, and sporadic whompy beats. A true master of patterning percussion, she leads into a cinematic approach and a strong glitch-hop revelation makes for evolutionary hope – a female spirit of the clouds and water rises through spectacular sound design. “The Path to Heaven” is pathway full of deep Ohm chants and mind-boggling yet experimental psychedelic expansions. Breathtaking, flawless, and intricate moods are present as percussive strengths are taken to the next level – a pathway of organic taste paves clarity, transcends shadows, and unifies.

Exclusive CloZee Interview: An aftermath of 3rd North American Tour

So, you’ve just returned home to France from your second North American tour! Share with us your experience. Which moment(s) triggered the most emotive responses; what really rang true to your experience?

It’s actually my third tour; it was the longest (3 months and a half). It was an amazing and super inspiring experience once again, but also very exhausting. I went back to France. I am so tired but full of memories, and happy to have experienced this journey. The best parts are when the shows is a success, and when I meet particularly amazing people and they almost become your best friends in a very short time. The connection with certain persons during touring is the most important thing to me, and this is what I’ll remember all my life! It’s so sad we live so far from each other.

Tell us about your musical upbringing.  What or whom initially inspired you into the creative world of music production?

The guitar and my passion for electronic music in general brought me into the music production.

The simple fact that I wanted to record my guitar brought me into all the DAW / Sound Engineering / mixing / recording stuffs. I bought Fruity Loops (that I still use now) and I learned how to use it by myself. I naturally started to add some electronic elements to my guitar melodies. I was a big fan of edIT, Bonobo, Amon Tobin, The Glitch Mob, etc. I think we can definitely hear those influences in my very first EP Dubious.

What’s the message behind you latest release, Revolution? What triggered inspiration into these captivating soundscapes?

The inspiration behind the EP and the artwork was from a dream I had one night. I dreamed that nature was in a revolution against us, the humans. What’s represented on the artwork is exactly what I “saw.” Lulu Swallow, who made it, did an awesome job. In the dream, nature grew very fast and covered everything around us (buildings, cars, particularly all the ugly stuff we built) with lianas, roots, big leaves and flowers. It was beautiful and scary at the same time. That’s what inspired me to create this type of sound. It was an epic dream, and I think that’s why the EP is kind of cinematic.

When I compose, I use a lot of organic sounds (real instruments, water sound, claps, foley sound). For me, they represent nature. The electronic elements represent something that the humans create. In the EP, those two types of sound oppose, just like in this dream.

In every creative mind, there exists space for clarity. What helps you to keep balanced, aligned, and inspired?

Nature, seeing my friends, family, and going to awesome shows of artists that I love and who inspire me.

Your sound is very original, mesmerizing, melodic, breakbeat, soothing, hard-hitting/grimey, precise yet intricate – a groundbreaking escape. Your composition is alluring, suspenseful, imaginative, unexpected, and clear. What’s the creative process like, where do you pull your creative flow from, what’s the first step?

Thank you very much for the kind words! Haha

I never have the same process when I compose; it’s always different. Sometimes I start with a beat, or with a guitar melody.  I can be inspired by everything. It can be a voyage, a person, a picture, a movie, a show, another artist — so many things. 🙂

Besides music production and guitar playing, what other hobbies and creative passions do you engage in?  Is there anything else you’d like to tap more into?

FOOD. I love eating, trying new things. I’d love to cook more, and take the time to practice. I also love to travel and visit new countries, meet new people. I love watching people dance and interpreting music. I don’t like to dance though.

Tell us a little bit about back home in Toulouse, France. What kind of adventures do you get into over there?

I pretty much work in the studio all the time. When I’m not making music, I’m looking for new dope music on SoundCloud, partying with my friends, spending time with my family, or eating in a restaurant.

Who are some of your top music producer influences at the moment? What do you like about their style?

Tipper. I love everything in his music. He’s truly a master for all type of things: sound design, melodies, soundscapes, hard hitting drums, mixdown, live show, etc.  He’s one of my biggest influences, and the fact that he’s such a big artist while being very humble and quiet is an example for me. I respect him a lot. He has been one of my biggest influences since the beginning. His melodic glitch music always gives me goosebumps. I love his music because it’s unexpected, unpredictable (until you know all the tracks by heart of course).  Bonobo and Emancipator are also very inspiring for their melodies and the use of real instruments mixed with electronic music. Their music is very fresh and they always clear my mind when I need to chill.

How’s the rest of 2015 looking for you; are you working on any new projects? What are some personal goals for 2016 you’d like to achieve?

We are working hard with Scarfinger to make the new CloZinger EP and the live set (Scarfinger with the MPC, me with the guitar and a controller). This is my/our priority now. Of course, I’ll also release some new CloZee tunes, remixes, and probably a new CloZee EP in 2016.

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