In science-fiction and popular storytelling—from James Bond to Star Wars to Indiana Jones—the plot often hinges on what might happen if some sacred object or technology were to fall into the wrong hands.

Everyday reality may not feel this dramatic, but we should probably be concerned that some of our most powerful, innovative, and unusual technology—technology that seems to bridge science and spirit—is primarily being developed for and funded by our military.

According to ABC News, these technologies range from odor remote controls for sharks to sleep suppressants that last days to invisible, self-healing cloaking technology to psychic teleportation that “works quite well and can be controlled” to “gay bombs” that make soldiers drop weapons and make love with each other.

We might stop to consider the amazing opportunities this kind of research offers for a deeper look into the nature of being; and we should certainly be asking, as our sci-fi protagonists always do, how we can use these new powers for good—as opposed to world domination.