Founded by David Casey and co-founded by Shayna Gladstone, NuMundo is a network of individuals dedicated to the development of our planet and the life it sustains through the creation of consciousness-transforming, healing projects, and centers around the globe.

The Purpose:
NuMundo is a platform intended to be a tool for people seeking more meaning and purpose in their lives. Through NuMundo, individuals can connect to transformational travel experiences and find exactly the kind of experience they seek. Our origins lie in the transformational experience inherent in settings such as Burning Man and the ayahuasca experience, in the deep disconnect between the human and her natural and primitive origins in nature, and in community. Our platform is intended for those who have walked through the first portal and are seeking a deeper transformation. That is to say, it’s a tool for when you have discovered a taste of a different way of living and relating with the world, and want to continue the journey. We make it easy for you to take the next steps, on a personal and professional level, and to move toward your full potential as a human being.

On a deeper level, NuMundo is building a movement and a network of transformational learning centers that are holding the seeds to a different way of living and being, a way that is in harmony and balance with nature. These centers are sharing tools, techniques, and templates with each other. We are a decentralized learning network geared towards individual transformation and planetary regeneration.

Shipibo ladies peeling ayahuasca vines – photo by Republic of Light


Suenos Pacificos

The Impact:
NuMundo is working on multiple levels of impact. On the individual level, we seek to be a tool for transformation from the inside out, one person at a time. On an organizational level, NuMundo is working with impact centers and event producers internationally to help these projects flourish and expand their own impact. We support marketing and administrative efforts, and help organizations in the network have a bigger voice and streamline their operations so they can focus on what they do best – transform lives. We seek out the centers who approach transformation in an integrated way, treating the individual as a part of the whole. NuMundo currently has 65 impact centers in our network across the Americas, and has helped many of them to promote opportunities and attract travelers. Each time an individual finds a match through our network is one more transformational experience. NuMundo has given individuals the resources to find community and relevant opportunities around the world.

On the level of movement-building, we are connecting together a diverse group of organizations and individuals and giving them a collective voice. This is currently expressed by coordinated actions and events with other organizations such as Reinhabiting the Village and Tribal Convergence Network, and through NuMundo’s blog, the Transformational Times. NuMundo participates in larger events such as Bioneers Conference by facilitating networking sessions and connective spaces designed for organizations and individuals to connect to resources and catalyze their projects. We are Networking the Transformational Ecosystem at conferences, festivals, and co-working spaces from California to Costa Rica.

Rancho Mastatal, Costa Rica

Guatemala Design Project

The Future:
NuMundo is a decentralized company, working with holacracy as a decision-making model. We are currently focused on Latin America and North America, and plan to expand to other parts of the planet over the next two years. Our team is made up of ten people spread across the Americas from the USA to Brazil, and we are growing. Please contact us to get involved! Support our crowdfunding campaign by contributing in exchange for incredible rewards like Reinhabiting the Village eBook or an amazing experience at an impact center in Belize, Peru, or Nicaragua! We will also be offering an amazing digital compilation with tracks from Lulacruza, Desert Dwellers, Drumspyder, Living Light, and more! By supporting our campaign, you will enable us to build more amazing tools for you, such as a searchable international database of opportunities, and beautiful individual profiles so you can find and be found based on your skills.

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