Join us for the exciting Evolver Learning Lab webinar, Expand Your Mind through Dreaming: How To Work with Liminal Dream States, starting February 10. This 6-part live, interactive video course is hosted by Jennifer Dumpert, a renowned instructor and theorist on how to go deeper into Liminal Dream states.

At the edges of sleep — as you drift into dreams and wake from them in the morning — you pass through moments when Liminal Dreams occur. With practice you can learn to widen this rich space between sleep and wakefulness, learn to to surf the edge of consciousness and linger in this elusive, marvelous mind state.

Here you encounter your own visionary mind without the ordinary ego getting in the way. From Tibetan Buddhists to Thomas Edison to Salvador Dali to August Kekulé—who discovered the benezene ring in a hypnagogic dream—liminal dream practices have been developed and used across time and cultures.

  • Liminal Dreaming provides an unequaled opportunity to explore the self.
  • Discover how to maintain and navigate the edge realm between conscious and unconscious states.
  • Join the rich tradition of harnessing dream states for creativity and problem solving.

This method is available to everyone, every night. The experience of Liminal Dreaming lies between thought and hallucination, as the meandering mind remixes ideas and memories while slipping in and out of the visionary animation of the dream.

For this unique, 6-part live, interactive video course, our host Jennifer Dumpert has gathered an exciting and highly knowledgeable group of visionary thinkers to explore and share a variety of approaches to, and perspectives on, liminal dreaming: Erik Davis, Ken Goffman (RU Sirius), Kelly Bulkeley, Rubin Naiman, Jeff Warren,Thomas Piesel, and Jay Mutzafi.

These experts will provide guidance to help you cultivate the practice of Liminal Dreaming and use it in your own consciousness exploration!

In this course you will learn:

  • Practical exercises that will dramatically increase your dream recall and deepen your experience with dreaming
  • Methods and practices for using liminal dreams to increase capacity for creativity, generating ideas, and problem solving
  • What hypnoidal dream states are and how to access them
  • The science behind sleep and dreaming, and how to channel that knowledge into having a richer dream life
  • Indigenous traditions around dreams and ways these traditions apply to our lives
  • How modern technologies can be used to hack dreams, and hack consciousness
  • Historical and cultural background about hypnoidal dream states
  • Approaches for dealing with sleep paralysis and the beings you meet there
  • Models for metacognition and ways that liminal dreaming help usunderstand how we cognate and process perception
  • Connections between liminal dreaming and lucid dreaming, and how learning the former paves the path toward the latter
  • How to surf the edge of consciousness, lingering in the liminal spaces between awake and asleep.

You will be part of the discussion, able to ask your questions on camera, just like a Skype call. If you happen to miss a live session, you can view a video recording at any time.

To learn more about this unique course, click here.

If you are ready to go further into exploring your own consciousness through dream states, do not miss this special course!