Captain Hook is the world famous project by Reshef Harari from Israel. Well-known as being half of the progressive trance duo Quantize as well as for his techno project SHEFF.

After the release of his CH debut album in late 2011 on Iboga Records, Reshef has been demanded by every big festival on the planet ranging from XXXperience, Tribe, Universo Paralello, Playground, and Atmosphere in South America to Burning Man and Symbiosis in the USA as well as some of the biggest productions from Europe, such as Sonica, Antaris and Hadra, where Quantize have played their unique fusion between psychedelic progressive trance and techno music. For a while now, Reshef has been releasing techno tracks on his own with his project Sheff, with tunes heavily supported by key players like Umek, Erphun, and Perfect Stranger. Now the time has come for a solo exploration of the progressive side of psychedelic trance with the new project Captain Hook, phatter than ever basslines, electrified rhythm, and sounds that work like dynamite. Things are looking very interesting for the coming years.

Releases are on the way on Iboga, Nano, Echoes, Plusquam, and Blue Tunes including remixes of Ace Ventura, Neelix, Ritmo, Easy Riders, Gaudium, Loud, Phony Orphans, Psysex, just to name a few. Captain Hook’s debut album “Human design”, featuring the worldwide hit track Marshmallows together with Freedom Fighters. The album features collaborations with Tetrameth, Zen Mechanics, Ace Ventura, Liquid-soul, Loud, Perfect Stranger, Phony Orphants and a special dubstep track with Ill.gates. There is no big or small festival Captain Hook has not played at yet such as Ozora, Boom, Soulvision and eclipse festival. 
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