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Meet Down To Om. DTO is floating in this cosmic soup that is the universe, along with the rest of us. On a mission to create inspirational music, DTO wishes to raise the good vibrations and level you up a bit. A devout yogi, he practices Ahimsa (non-violence and compassion for all living beings), and strongly believes in respecting all living things: humans, animals, and insects alike. DTO does all he can to elevate and empower his fellow man or woman. Dave is the type of person who would give an arm and a leg to assist others and be of service. Everything he does is done from a place of love and gratitude for each waking breath.

Dave received his Masters degree in Education and Technology, and plays the role of a hero and educator (he is a full-time school teacher) by day and musician at night. He is a coach and mentor to many. Due to his background in music, he teaches music lessons in his spare time. Whether he is educating others, mechanically climbing the corporate ladder, practicing yoga, Reiki healing, songwriting, or playing the drums or piano, DTO contributes much back into this world and community that he is a part of.

A teacher is never a giver of truth; he is a guide, a pointer to the truth that each student must find for himself.”
– Bruce Lee

Popularized as the face of PlantPoweredLiving.com, Dave lives and breathes health, faithfully following a wholesome and die-hard raw and plant-based diet. He believes that healthy is a choice.

I made the choice to go Plant Powered on Thanksgiving Day 2005 as a direct response to my dad’s prostate cancer diagnosis. It woke me up to the importance of health and propelled me to go on a journey of exploring the research on human health, nutrition, diet, disease, and cancer,” says Dave. Read Dave’s fully Plant Powered transformation story here, accompanied by before and after photos.

PlantPoweredLiving.com is comprised of a group of health professionals and vegan gurus in mutual pursuit to ‘share tools that empower lives.’ During the early stages of their potlucks, this collective recognized that there was a growing need for the sharing of information pertaining to living a more health conscientious lifestyle. In order to explore things that work for themselves and others, a resource-based website was made live on the web to house recipes and suggestions on living, or attempting to live, a vegan or raw-vegan way of life.

Contributors post in blog format regarding anything vegan related such as beauty tips, debunktion of fitness myths, restaurant reviews and more! Visitors can also interact, browse and see about upcoming workshops. Plant Powered has taught children and newbies how to take the proper precautions to meet their daily intake needs with maximum nutritional value to meet their goals.

In the PPL mission statement, Dave beseechingly says: “We are all especially passionate about living consciously, and making healthy lifestyle choices. We affirmed to one another that these choices are what allow us to live such vibrant lives and empowers us to really be out in the world doing what we love… We are here to learn, share, explore and expand with you on this journey. We recognize that everyone is on his or her own path; no matter where you’re at, we are here to help.”


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As an advocate for raising social awareness, Dave is active within the yoga and live music community. He has performed at eco conscious festivals like Lightning in a Bottle, Bhakti Fest, Shakti Fest, and of course Symbiosis! He has also played many workshops, street fairs, and fundraisers in and around Southern California; such as Elevated Awareness, Stretch4Vets, Be Well “The Retreat,” the Sean O’Shea Foundation Event and the International Day of Yoga in San Diego. Whether he’s strumming solo or accompanied by friends, he continues to guide yoga practices and intimate class settings with his use of electronic and acoustic sound today.


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His iTunes debut with Grammy nominated producer, Stonebridge, laid a strong foundation for his musical success. Dave’s worked with many artists and been involved in a number of projects throughout the years. His most recent landmark is the full-length album and five-year masterpiece in the works, “Nameless Energy.”

It’s out now on Spotify.


“The album took awhile to make because it was a collaborative effort between myself and a multitude of extraordinary musicians… I am also a full-time teacher so I would work on it after school to create this dream to become a reality. I spent many of hours of my life dedicated and remained resilient despite any bullshit that came into my head and my heart… I continued to be steadfast. It was a huge massive lesson for me and all human beings to keep on going no matter what,” says Dave.

Intended to be a full-length auditory experience and produced solely by DTO, “Nameless Energy” is of top notch quality. It is a cinematic work of brilliance that will transport you into another sonic and auditory realm at lightspeed. Pack your bags and travel light. It is a movie that doesn’t end well, leaving you with abundant hope and gently breaking your heart. Led by emotional minor chords, angelic and atmospheric vocal pads, with whispers of blessed mantras throughout the album, “Nameless Energy” takes you on a cosmic and sonic journey.

Dave leaves no space in transition between his tracks. Like chaturanga into downward dog, the album flows as perfectly as one’s yoga class, all in divine timing. You can hardly tell where one track ends and the other begins.

“Raising the vibrations of the planet through art and music.” ~ Buddha Music Group

This album features artists such as dreamweaver and adept artist singer and songwriter, Krista Richards, also a part of Plant Powered Living. Kiyoshi Shelton is on track 9, “Love Warrior,” along with Ms.Richards, who have recently come together to form a duo independent of their work together on this album. DTO, Krista, Kiyoshi are all on the roster of Buddha Music Group, but other collaborators featured on “Nameless Energy” include Aja Lee, Jamie Shadowlight, Christy Rose, Tara Devi, and Zoe Sol.

The journey starts off with track number one, entitled “Breathe” with mellow elongated strings and magical piano work, that pick up tempo and lead you into the the second track. with Dave’s beautiful keys and some epic electric guitar solo.

True to her sound’s deep sultry vibe, Krista brings a glass-shattering sense of sensuality to the album with vocals as sweet as strawberry wine. Not only a solo artists, Ms. Richards has worked with bands and has released a single with noted artist and 2015 Grammy nominated artist ZHU.

View the collab album here.

“We Are One” sends a message to the listener, urging us to “wake up” as a human species and see past the dualities of everyday. We are all here, either swimming against or surfing the waves of the laws of the universe. It sends a message to the listener to see that we are one as the human species, connected to gaia as we are amongst the cosmos. It is up to us to “be the change in humanity,” as spoken in track number 7. This track takes you past the atmospheres of the heavens and into the deep space of bass.

Krista Richards is featured on track 9, “Love Warrior,” with rapper Kiyoshi. The track picks up tempo with more of a dancefloor hip-hop future bass vibe. Kiyoshi is no Japanese video game character, but think of his Avatar as having a little bit of soul and a side of swagger. As a lyricist, Kiyoshi has worked with other artists, such as The Polish Ambassador, who push for environmental and agricultural reform. Kiyoshi explores the alternative direction of conscious living; his enragement with the violence and warfare fuels his passion to deliver thought-provoking messages meant to be heard on the dancefloor and entertain a diverse crowd. With Kiyoshi on the mic, there is not only hope for humanity, but hope for hip-hop. As quoted by D.J. Mo Beatz (DJ for Big Sean) “He’s bringin’ real hip-hop back!!”

Track 10 features vocals by Christy Rose that pierce straight through the heart, calling out to everything chanting ‘Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha’ to free her soul. Track 11 is the break out single: “Jai Ram” ft Tara Devi. “Jai Ram” has garnered support by a conscious community icon American Indian, public speaker and an alternative medicine advocate Deepak Chopra.


Track 12, “Infinite Lights,” also contains piercing vocals by Zoe Sol, leading into the coda of the symphony and rekindling the mellow tone of the piece. The finale songs, “Flight” and “Bursting Stars,” bring listeners down to earth softly and back into the body. They are a soft ambient resolution to all the melodic tension built from Dave’s piano work.

The album emphasizes a need to “wake up” as a human species by liberating ourselves from the chains that enslave and confine us to our self-perceived limitations. Throughout time, humans come together and split apart like an atom. There cannot be three if we only have one. In the name of The Beatles, the album pleads for people to come together to address the concerns of sociopolitical and environmental issues; to live a non-parasitic lifestyle and expand our consciousness. Just like the miraculous cases of cancer disappearing overnight, our bodies have the astounding capabilities to heal, as does planet earth. The album makes the statement that we all are one here on earth as we are amongst the cosmos.

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