San Francisco-based Dissølv is a live, sonic journey through the primal and sacred ritual of dance, seeded with sacred tuning systems & nature soundscapes, and conceived with deep bass and tribal drum.

Dissølv has worked with Keyframe on a variety of projects throughout the years. We’re pleased to have caught up with him to discuss his group’s evolution, latest releases, and upcoming projects!


Your brother Andrew recently joined Dissølv. How does this affect your musical path? What is your new vision, or re:vision?

Before I carried on the legacy as a solo producer, Dissølv evolved alongside many talented artists, adding their unique flair to the project. My intention has always been to be a positive source of inspiration within the transformational music scene. Now that mission has grown into becoming a catalyst for social and spiritual evolution for all of our communities. I’m grateful to have my little brother Andre as a part of the project because he will add a fresh youthful element that’s vital to the progression of our sound and reaching the masses in a conscious way. Since we were kids we’ve always dreamed of playing music together and it’s an honor to have his unique musical talents as a part of Dissølv’s rebirthing.

Andre Reinero has immersed himself in the world of music since he was five years old, making him the accomplished musician and diverse artist he is today. From playing piano and baritone sax in orchestras and jazz bands to busting out psychedelic bass and melodic vocals as a singer songwriter, Andre has known nothing but music his whole life. He now holds a degree in audio production and mixing mastering, and will continue to surf the sonic journey wherever the music takes him.

Together, we hold a strong vision of bringing people through epic soundscapes that spark a reawakening for the progression of our people and our planet.


Your work has always involved a visual component to it, and now you have Jasmine as your dancer. Tell us about her. How does that expand on the new direction Dissølv is taking?

To bring forth a new direction in transformational healing, Dissølv thrives off the synergy created by the coalition of the arts. By uniting music with ritual performance, we’ve added the missing visual link to unlock the gifts of ego transcendence found in the ancient arts of sacred ceremonies.

Divine synchronicity connected Jasmine Semjase with Dissølv in the realms of authentic artistic expression. Channeling her background in dance, yoga, and the healing arts, she is a visionary artist that infuses various dance styles with ceremonial ritual performance in devotion to spiritual healing through celebratory release. She has an incredible gift of embodying the divine feminine through dance magic and helps hold the container of our experience as our Ceremonial Priestess. By personifying our music, she serves as a spiritual guide that aids others in releasing their limitations and finding their expressive freedom.

The sacred love we’ve created together in partnership is a gift to be able to share with the community and completes the trinity of our ceremonial offering with love, family, and brotherhood. This was the next step in taking our live experience to the exponential realms of ceremonial sonic journeys. By touching on every sense of intentional performance power, Dissølv plans to evolve our art into a fully live ritualistic dance experience.

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Tell us about your Temple Bass remix of IAMEVE’s “Starman.”

IAMEVE‘s visionary production for her song “Starman” captivated us with its incredible story of two long lost soulmates reuniting in the outer realms of the Universe. Her unique vocals and intergalactic heart message inspired us to make a remix that could bring this epic story to life on the dance floor. I look forward to working with Eve again and forwarding my musical journey with Mixwell.


You’ve just created a track that is part of Aquatic Collective’s Standing Rock compilation. How did that come to be?

We’ve been in support of the Standing Rock Movement since we first heard of what was happening in North Dakota. Jeopardizing sacred lands for the sake of big oil is an abomination to all of us. No amount of money is worth harming our planet and risking the sustenance of our future generations. Protecting our environment is deeply important to us, so we jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the compilation when Aquatic Collective extended the invitation. With music as our weapon and peace as our intention, we crafted “Water Warriors” as a universal prayer to respect the vital waters of our land and honor our indigenous communities. All illusions aside, we are one tribe.


Tell us about your exciting upcoming releases!

After traveling across Central America we gained an abundance of inspiration from the Mayan cosmo vision and their deep ancestral teachings of our connection to mother earth. We met so many incredible artists along the way and are grateful to announce our collaborated remix of Adam Rythmstar’s “Aztec Maya” in the new year. I met Rhythmstar at the Cosmic Convergence festival on the magical lake Atitlan in Guatemala, our new second home. We look forward to working together on future collaborations as he is a talented and dedicated force in the global bass community.

Dissølv will also be releasing a new EP called “Rebirth,” which is set to release mid-February!

Featuring the new direction of Dissølv, Rebirth will introduce a fusion of midtempo global bass by blending instrumentation from across the globe laid over 808 drums with soulful synths. Dissølv’s Rebirth brings a higher energy while maintaining its intentionally tuned and heartfelt sounds.

There have been many shifts, both worldwide and in your own work. How does that affect you as an artist and the way you see your future? What are your future plans?

Now more than ever we are all being called to step into our power in support of the colossal shifts that are taking place around the world. We’re living in a potent time that needs compassion, unconditional love and positivity leading the way. Creating conscious art is one of the ways we make that vision a reality and live in service to our communities. We believe the world needs beacons of hope as the world shifts into a new paradigm. With every track we create and project we co-create with, we aspire to be that source of support and spiritual guidance.


Any closing thoughts, comments, words of wisdom?

Look out for Dissølv’s live tour in 2017, bringing a fresh new sonic performance to transformational music festivals across the globe! Our mission lives in co-creating a healing journey that comes to life on the dancefloor. We look forward to providing a sonic journey that dissolves people’s sense of ego conditioning and assists in the recalibration of the authentic self through ritual and dance. By detaching from form, we offer a safe space to explore and reintegrate the essence of our truth through an intentional ceremonial healing experience. We are blessed to be of service through this offering and we are grateful for all of our fans and support that has brought us to where we are today. As we evolve, we will continue to offer conscious authentic vibrations to stimulate and awaken you on every level.


Upcoming 2017 events:


APRIL 7 – 9th, 2017 – LUCIDITY FESTIVAL, Santa Barbara, CA

Dissolv will also be playing at Lucidity‘s main stage. Get tickets on the Lucidity website.