From the producer of Searching For Sugar Man comes the mind-opening new documentary The Sunshine Makers, which tells the story of two underground chemists who fueled the psychedelic revolution of the 1960s. 

United by a belief that ‘turning on’ the world through LSD could bring about peace and love on a global scale, Tim Scully and Nick Sands created the purest and most iconic acid ever produced – the legendary Orange Sunshine. Manufacturing the hallucinogenic drug on an industrial scale, they became two of the most prolific narcotics dealers in American history – or as their distributor Mike Randall puts it, “we touched more souls than Jesus.”

The Sunshine Makers is directed by Cosmo Feilding Mellen, son of Amanda Feilding, the founder and director of The Beckley Foundation, A UK-based institution that conducts scientific research into the consciousness-expanding properties of psychedelic drugs. Amanda has been at the forefront of global efforts to investigate the effects of LSD since the 1960s, and recently conducted the first ever brain imaging study on LSD.

Both mother and son are united by their desire to explore the healing potential of psychedelics and further our understanding of these remarkable compounds that have been around since the beginning of human history.

“Tim and Nick, our protagonists, are spiritual gangsters: they aren’t after money or power; they want to save the world…by turning it on to LSD,” says Feilding Mellen. “Their answer lies in the transformative power of what came to be known in the ’60s as ‘ego-death’.”

“This is the same ‘transcendence’ or ‘mystical experience’ that people have been talking about throughout the ages – the Sufis, the Buddha, Saint Theresa, Schopenhauer, and so on. Only now this unifying experience of ‘oneness’ could be packaged and distributed around the world in the form of a tablet.”

“LSD is an amazing non-toxic compound which can alter consciousness in profound ways,” says Amanda Feilding. “Our research is showing that it can be deeply healing to many of modern man’s most untreatable illnesses.”

The Sunshine Makers opens in New York on January 20th and across the US on January 27th. For more information click here.