In its review of the newly released 2012 disaster movie, The NY Times interprets Woody Harrelson's "doomsday prophet and radio broadcaster" as being based on Daniel Pinchbeck:

"In truth, the central family here is as disposable as the billions of computer-generated humans that soon pile up after disaster hits. Written by Mr. Emmerich and Harald Kloser (they last collaborated on '10,000 B.C.'), '2012' takes its plot points and shifting plates from both science and fiction, and its title from doomsday prophesies, including a myth about the end of days derived from a reading of the Mayan calendar. Though not much is made of the Mayan angle, the most amusing character, a doomsday prophet and radio broadcaster played by Woody Harrelson, seems in hair, beard and interests to have been drawn along the predictive lines of the real author Daniel Pinchbeck ('2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl')."

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