The Cloud, as this architectural and technological wonder is known, is in the works for 2012. The planners are hoping for micro-donations from millions of people, making this structure for and from the public. Building on the theme of being of the people, there will be energy harnessed from the visitors' elevator journeys to and from the top. This will be accomplished by using the same regenerative braking seen in some hybrid vehicles. With the addition of solar panels on the ground and inside of the bubbles themselves, the entire project becomes "zero energy."

Different spheres will serve different purposes–as structural elements, LCD screens awaiting projected information, observation decks, or just decoration. The spheres will most likely be made of the same material that can be found in Beijing's Aquatic Center, known as ethylene tetrafluoroethylene. The entire affair will be stabilized against wind gusts using the methods that Japan uses in its buildings to protect against earthquakes, and will truly be a sight to see once finished. However, its final shape is not set in stone– the size and complexity of the structure can easily be increased or reduced depending on the donations received.  


Image: "Night View" from