As a shamanic practitioner, maybe I should leave the political arena to politicians and pundits. Or, as some people in the spiritual community say, leave it to spirit, as we can’t perceive the purpose of the drama of the new administration as it unfolds. But from the pure shamanic perspective, I must conclude that Trump, the GOP and his supporters are possessed by what we term evil spirits. They are not “deplorable” as Hillary Clinton suggested. Their soul is trapped and they are suffering. Undoubtedly, their actions fit all the markings of traditional evil spirit possession. For the untrained, it may be hard to detect because of their exceptional deceiving and shapeshifting nature. But as we enter into the new age of conscious revolution, people all over the world are lifting the old veil and seeing the truth.


How do you Define Evil Spirit Possession?

Often people tell me they feel haunted or possessed by uninvited entities that crawl inside or around their physical bodies. These entities cause them pain, manipulating and instructing them on how to think, act and speak, and telling them to hurt others and themselves. It’s as though unknown forces have hijacked them. “I was so normal beforehand,” they say. “Have I lost my mind? Is it real?” Are they seeking attention, acting out old traumas or re-experiencing them? Or did they allow a spirit to invade them? And are they responsible for discharging it?

Ipupiara, my Uru-e-wu-wu (People from the Stars tribe) Brazilian teacher said, “Spirit possession happens to people whose life is in constant existential fear and devoid of love or faith in God (however you define it). It can happen through physical or emotional abuse, traumas, violence, curses, sudden fear, evil eye, and jealousy, or by being in areas where violence occurred. The energy shield, that invisible crust that protects their energy field–just like the atmosphere that protects the Earth–is weakened and fractured. Heavy negative forces, which could be of disgruntled deceased, or appear as animals or as dark amorphous clouds, roam the universe independently, looking for those frightened and vulnerable people to do the devil’s work. They attach to living people’s energy field and feed on their fear, possessing their bodies and souls.”


Shamanic Symptoms for Possessions:

  • Here are a few typical symptoms a person, an organization, or a nation who suffers from possessions might exhibit:
  • Uncontrollable body shaking or disjointed movements, dribbling mouths, glossy or unfocused eyes, speaking in tongues.
  • Unwillingness to accept one’s soul calling and signs of soul loss.
  • Disrespectful to human rights, the Earth, animals and the environment.
  • Inability to judge reality, twisting facts, and avoiding personal responsibility.
  • Sweet-talking people against their own interests and well-being.
  • Irrational fear, paranoia, anxiety, and mistrust of “others.” Feeling of perpetual victimhood.
  • Fear of not having enough abundance for all to share.
  • Need of constant conflicts and enemies.
  • Irrational decision-makings, with no regards to the effect on others.

The GOP/Trump’s policy positions derive from an unconscious fear of scarcity and a perception of being weak and feminine. Saying no to women’s reproductive health, abortion, and equal pay; no to same sex love and marriage; no to universal healthcare; no to sharing the economic burden; no, to fair minimum wages; no to removal of subsidies to Oil companies and Agribusiness; no to stronger government’s regulations to protect the law and constitution, food safety, banking, balance of power and the environment; no to science and public education; no to immigrants and to the “Others,”; no to new infrastructure, public support of the arts and broadcasting. Saying yes to wars, national security, banking, oil companies, and Big Pharma, while wrapping themselves up with the American flag, promising freedom, liberty and patriotism. Their worldview is a concerted effort to further accumulate power by the very few while making others less of themselves.


Why do Some People do Evil Things to Others?

I once asked Ipupiara about the nature of evil. “It is hard to detect negative energy because of its deceiving and shapeshifting nature,” he said. “It always appears as a force of good, love and light. Evil or negative energy promotes suffering and destruction for others in return for temporary gain of money and power. It feed and thrives on igniting fear, unleashing anger, creating separation and division and calling for revenge. It creates helplessness and depression, mentally and economically. This heavy energy wants to slow things down and bring life to a halt. If not cleared, it seeps through our clothing and skin, into our mind, organs and bones, resulting in sickness or even death. Positive energy on the other hand, or light energy, is easier to recognize, because the forces of good tend not to harm anyone. They treat all beings with love, equality and reverence to Mother Earth. It is our role as healers to remove negative energies and replenish them with positive energies that restore health and balance to our clients’ lives.”

“But why do some people do evil things to others?” I asked him. He replied, “Not because they were born being bad, no one is, but because of the negative energy of outside forces they can’t control. It’s called Akuras.”

I remember that Sunday when I first saw Akuras. Up from above they descended, dark and ugly, attacking my client. Unprepared, I fought them off with all my might using the tools in my arsenal. Later, with specific instructions given to me on a mobile phone from a Kanamarie shaman who was in a canoe in the Rio Negro, I performed three consecutive ceremonies to free her from her Akuras. It worked.


Becoming the Fire Keepers of our Communities

I believe that the shamanic and the spiritual communities must take action in the cosmic epic battle between the light and dark forces, and assume our traditional role as the Keeper of the Fire. We can’t ignore its existence. We need to use the tools we’ve been practicing on a broader scale to bring back the world into balance, light and harmony. These tools include directing intentional light and love energies, performing remote energy clearing, soul retrieval, cord cutting, and creating a neutralizing protective shield. Like those South American, Asian and other shamans worldwide, we also need to reinvent public ceremonies to share love and trust, to honor the Earth, oneness and diversity. We need ceremonies that honor democracy, sacrificial ceremonies of giving up something for the greater good of all. The stronger the light we spread the less the dark forces will have to feed upon.