Do you suffer from challenging/painful menstrual cycles or imbalances? Are you interested in getting in touch with and expressing your feminine side?

Sabrina Vedete is a yoni steam practitioner, Co-Founder of #Sacred Lotus Yoni Steam and women’s wisdom facilitator traveling here from Venice Beach, California. Arielle Hayat is a Resident Herbalist at The Alchemists Kitchen.

Their dynamic workshop this Sunday will share how the self-health practice of yoni steaming will restore balance to your physical body. Learn how to release trapped anger and resentment while exploring the essence of our femininity and unlocking our highest potential for creativity and abundance with the healing power of herbs.

They will share applicable knowledge and tools on how to include the ancient women’s ritual of yoni steaming into your busy New York lifestyle, as well as juicy secrets for your inner woman to embody.

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