DISSØLV was founded upon the idea that genres were meant to be transcended, and minds were meant to be dissølved. Our listeners ride through waves of hypnotic sounds; from global bass with ethno rhythms to tribal trap with gypsy violin. The two brothers, Valentin and Andre join together with the enchanting Jasmine Semjase’s tribal fusion dance to create a divine trinity of performance.

We caught up with the team to discuss their new EP, creative process, and upcoming tour dates!

What inspired your latest release?

“Kintala” manifested from a vision to unite global instrumentation with the West Coast bass scene. It’s a sonic saga of the nomadic journey, that weaves in our love for heavy beats with our vast inspirations from across the world.

Andre: Growing up as classical musicians, my brother Valentin and I always seem to end up writing very melodic pieces. At the same time we are also very involved with the West Coast bass music culture. Being our first EP together as brothers, it seemed like a no brainer to weave these two genres of music together. We felt that, if done right, the dance floor can still get down and dirty to our beats while still being able to appreciate the musicianship in our melodies.

We wanted to bring an organic sound to the West Coast bass culture, so we combined hypnotic synths, gypsy violin and tribal dance music into a bass heavy fusion… crafted to dissølve listeners into the mistica of the sonic journey.

Photo: Dissolv at Lightning in a Bottle 2018

What is the meaning of the tile of the EP?

“Kintala” translates to the essence of freedom. It comes from gypsy culture and emanates the spiritual balance obtained from a life of traveling and following one’s calling. It speaks of welcoming the journeys ahead, no matter what they may bring. Kintala celebrates the vast polarities of the human experience through rejoicing in the wonders given along the journey.

There are distinct Eastern influences in “Kintala.” Is that something you intended specifically or has this sound evolved over time?

Eastern philosophies and spiritualities are qualities we all embody as individuals in our personal practices. These mantras and meditations have served as beacons that continually inspire us on our own journeys. Naturally, these influences evolved through our sound as an extension of our creative landscapes.

Also, Eastern music plays a huge role in the belly dance world. And since Jasmine (our tribal fusion dancer) shares her art primarily through this dance realm, the fusion of these influences comes organically through our collaborative process.

Photo: Zack Pope

We love “Clairvoyage” as it has a DnB feel; can you share with us how this track came to be?

“Clairvoyage” is a union of “clairvoyance” and “voyage.” We crafted this word to speak to the extra sensory essence one attunes themselves to through deep personal journeys. The deeper we journey into ourselves, the more in tune we become with the psychic realms of reality. We’ve had a long-lasting love for Drum & Bass over the years, and it will continue to be an element of our sound as we continue to weave in between the many genres of electronic music.

“Serpent’s Return” is such a powerful track; how did this one come about?

“Serpent’s Return” is a perfect example of how we personified the human journey. The name evokes serpent medicine, the transformational animal totem that represents metamorphosis through deep healing. The essence of the track illustrates the phase of profound change, that occurs cyclically throughout the human experience. It’s an ode to the ascension that happens through death and destruction. Destruction of the ego. Resurrection of the Spirit.

Tell us how you go about creating your tracks. How has your creative process changed in recent years?

“Kintala” is our our first EP produced together as brothers. There was a bit of trial and error getting the creative process going. Writing music as a team is much different than writing music individually. Collectively, we set our intentions to create a global bass sound that required extensive training in new rhythms, violin technique & dance traditions to truly honor the cultures we infuse in our music & respect their lineage. We put a lot of focus on composing for a tribal fusion dancer with room for diverse melodies & ethno rhythms from across the globe with live violin. In contrast, we also dove in deep and dirty to raise the energy level in our music by dialing in our gritty synths & heavy 808’s. Working together to acknowledge our trinity of dance, live instrumentation & eclectic production, our creative process has evolved into a full live experience not only in performance, but in the studio as well.

Photo: Zack Pope

We detect lots of violin on this release; how do you weave in this classical sound?

Valentin: My brother and I are both classically trained in multiple instruments, so weaving in these classical sounds comes naturally through our deep connection to the instruments themselves. I’ve been playing the violin since I was 4 years old. This deep bond ignites a burning desire to create beautiful music with these sounds, so we strive to do so through weaving in majestic melodies that infuse an alluring beauty with our dirty bass heavy beats.

Photo: Kyle W. Chick Photography

Photo: Zack Pope

You recently collaborated with ALIA on a remix to the track “In Your Skin” featuring Heather Christie. How did that come about?

We’ve been a fan of ALIA for a long time, so it was a true blessing to have been given the opportunity to work on her “Feminine Medicine” album. We owe our gratitude to KEYFRAME for the awesome introduction, and to ALIA for allowing us to share our expression through her powerful release. It was an honor to be a part of “Feminine Medicine” through our remix, alongside so many other talented artists.


Question for Jasmine: You’re such a prolific and amazing dancer; can you please share with us your training / experience, creative process?

Jasmine: Thank you! Much of my growth comes from being consumed by my passion for dance expression and seduced by the magic of movement medicine. My flowstates become a conduit through which I let go of all inhibitions and explore my deepest self. It’s creative play – a mystical experience – that extends into multi-dimensional realms of mind-body artistry and deep into the mysteries of serpentine embodiment.

My goal as a dancer is to know my body so well that I can completely step aside when dancing and allow raw creative energy to flow through me. To have enough performance presence to reach this state, I train my body rigorously to get to know my body intimately. As a foundation, I danced on teams throughout most of my youth, and I’ve since been a yogini for almost a decade. Now, in the belly dance realms, I have some of the most incredible Tribal Fusion teachers showing me the ropes and stoking my creative fires.

I’m eternally grateful for: Faelan Snow-Shiva, who’s been a major figure in the birth of my belly dance life; Tiare Tashnick (NagaSita), who’s welcomed me into the magickal arts of Ritual Theater & Temple Fusion; Zoe Jakes & her glorious DANCECRAFT: Key of Diamonds Certification; Rachel Brice & her epic 8 Elements: Initiation Certification; and Imaya Sabine for her superb Serpentine Studies mind-body downloads.


Photo: Jasmine Semjase’s sacred dance of transformational empowerment and energetic embodiment at Big Summit Prairie


You’ve been actively touring this past year. Tell us about your upcoming performances and projects.

We’re in the midst of a full Spring Tour & and are actively filling up our Summer dates as well. Our upcoming shows are:

JUNE 15 – Voices of Thunder, in Santa Cruz, CA

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/events/172013393507349/

JUNE 21 – DusTea Camp Burning Man Fundraiser, in Tahoe City, CA

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/events/1552643061512148/

JUNE 29 – Fire Festival, in Portland, OR

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/events/174315356553528/ 

Stay tuned for more here: http://www.dissolv.net/tour/

For the crew: Shout outs you would like to offer out?

Liam Shy of Diamond Sonic


Merkaba Music

Buy the “KINTALA” EP: https://merkabamusic1.bandcamp.com/album/kintala