Mystery School in Mexico was created by Daniel Ryan and Henrietta Weekes. In the heart of Mexico, a haunting old world hosts a beautiful, new experience. Combining meditation, hypnosis, and past life regression, with a journey into the magic of Central America — set on the wild beauty of the Ranchito de Arleta outside the colonial era mountain city of San Miguel de Allende, this extraordinary retreat will renew and refresh you on the deepest levels; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.   

Your guide and host for the journey is Daniel Ryan, Cht, Crt.  “Voltaire says ”It is not more surprising to be born twice than once; everything in nature is resurrection.” Why would we be any different? I’m deeply understanding of one who comes to past life regression seeking to be reborn in their own life right now. Hypnotherapy and meditation, too. And it is the essence of the relationship between the living and the dead that draws me to Mexico.”

“One session with Dan is like six months of talk-therapy. Diving below the rational mind allowed rooted truths and unrealized parts of myself to emerge quickly.”  — Founder of Supernatural, holistic health coach, and writer, Rachelle Robinett

When: October, 10-15, 2018
Where: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


Wednesday, October 10 — ARRIVAL

Thursday, October 11 –MEDITATION

Friday, October 12 — HYPNOSIS

Saturday, October 13 — PAST LIFE REGRESSION

Sunday, October 14 — INTEGRATION


Daniel Ryan

Daniel Ryan Cht, Crt has been working with trance and guided therapies for over 25 years. Connecting the cultural threads of the living and the dead to hypnosis and past life regression, and crafting creative death-positive experiences has inspired him since he was a teenager. In his own story, it was his father’s death that marked the opening of the second act of his life and work as it is today. (Daniel carried on his father, Jeffrey Ryan’s practice after his passing in 2011.) While exploring reincarnation at a young age through groups led by his Dad, he learned that exploring past lifetimes (particularly early into the current one) can neutralize certain irrational fears of suffering and death. “It’s not necessarily a faith in “coming back” as another human.” he says. “It’s a more expansive definition and understanding of ‘self’.”

Daniel maintains full-time private practice in New York City.  He is the Director of the Center for Integrative Hypnosis founded by Melissa Tiers. He offers hypnotherapy, regression therapy, and meditation to individuals and groups all over the world. He received his undergraduate degree (BFA) from Emerson College where his research focused on writing, literature, and sociology. Daniel studied and taught techniques of meditation at the School of Practical Philosophy in New York City from 2007 to 2014 while exploring Vedic philosophy, neuroscience, east/west mysticism, and psychology. He is board certified in hypnotherapy (Cht) regression therapy (Crt), and neuro-linguistic psychology. In 2011, he co-founded the Center for Integrative Healing in Chatham, NJ.    

His first book “Meditation, Hypnosis, & Past Life Regression” will be published in 2019.

“As a skeptic, I approached seeing Daniel Ryan with one eye askance. Despite 50 years of research from Life magazine’s March 7, 1960 cover to a recent New York Times article lauding increased brain activity and function associated with hypnosis, it maintains a rather ragged reputation.

After a rather trying divorce, my only aim was to put one foot in front of the other and go back to work. Not only have I been able to do that, I have flourished. It would not have been possible without Dan’s astute observations, advice and guided meditation.

 Often I recommend it to my friends, who are in a rough spot; many who know my hard-edged cynicism agree that what works is what works & much more than that it has restored a sense beyond the practical in my world view: a sense of the wonder of the unknown in our psyche and in the world outside of our mind’s eye.”  — Curator, critic, and writer, Andrianna Campbell

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