A series of audio ‘trips’ has brought the world of altered states to new levels of digital convenience with the i-Doser program.  Downloads for Windows systems, iPhone, and iPods, enable users to download virtual audio tracks, which stimulate the brain into wave states that simulate drugs like Peyote, Marijuana, Lucid Dreams, Orgasm, LSD, and a variety of other original head-trips.

Reminiscent of previous programs for brain hemisphere synchronization, such as the Monroe Institute’s “Hemi Sync” program, varying sound frequencies are deliberately miss-matched to produce beat frequencies that the brain then locks onto. This induces varying brain wave states such as the classic alpha, delta, theta, states as well as an addition of new flavors of consciousness, which simulate intoxicated states.

Doorways are open at www.i-doser.com


Image from http://www.last.fm/music/I-Doser.com