Dr. David Lewis Anderson has entered the public arena to widely disclose the existence of nothing less than time control and related technologies (including a time reactor that taps into the “free” energy created by the earth’s frame-dragging through space time).  This may be the most powerful technological development humanity has so far constructed.  He and other groups around the world have been perfecting these technologies for some years now.  An international Time Race has been secretly underway.  Public awareness of such technologies, as well as the governmental, military, and corporate interest in exploiting them, may be the most important issue we deal with as a species since the discovery of atomic power.  Though this might sound like science fiction to most people, on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell, Dr. Anderson has assured the public that it isn’t.

“There is such a great risk Art, of how this technology can be used.  A lot of people ask me what if, how it will be used?  The issue today is no longer what if and how.  The technology is being used.  It’s being used in Japan, in India, there are efforts in China…It’s really now a question of how do we manage the influence that governments have on this technology today that becomes a real concern and a challenge for people on this planet.”

Dr. Anderson has exposed human beings to retarded and accelerated rates of time.  “People laugh because they can not believe that what they are seeing in front of their eyes truly can happen.  Then there is a feeling of a deep emotion.  The fact that when people realize that what they perceive is reality isn’t real, based upon their belief system and their own human mind…People can not experience life the same way.”  Many have described profound spiritual experiences as a result of being exposed to a time warp field generator in action. 

Anderson could not disclose the exact rate of acceleration/retardation his team has achieved. This revelation is the ultimate game changer.  However, what could be more motivating to encourage humanity onto the peace track?  Everyone and everything is susceptible to the effects of time manipulation technology.

“We’re going to have knock down all the political barriers, all the religious barriers and look at this issue as one human race.”

Oddly enough, Terrence McKenna suggested in an interview with Bell on Coast to Coast, that his transcendental object at the end of time might be a time machine.

One has to ask though–is any of this true?

The complete Coast to Coast AM interview can be heard here:

Dr. Anderson’s website: http://www.andersoninstitute.com/

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