If you've been enjoying Exile Nation: Drugs, Prisons, Politics & Spirituality you'll dig this essential companion series, "The (Not-So) Secret History of the War on Drugs," which was recorded on October 18, 2008 in Chicago and has been given three times at Burning Man in the Entheon Village, SHIFT, and Nexus speaker series, where it also proudly earned an attack by the Wall Street Journal. You can read about it in an earlier RS post along with my rebuttal to the WSJ, which they actually published. This lecture began as a section of Exile Nation, and provides its historical context. A print version will be available in late 2010, and a documentary video is in the works as part of the Exile Nation Unheard Voices project.

Here's the big secret though: It's not a secret. This stuff is known, and documented. There is enough credible evidence to convince any court of law, which is why it has never gone before a court of law. It has the power to destabilize our government. The only thing that keeps this history secret is the public's refusal to believe it. The drug war is one of those topics that is always met with fierce resistance for a number of reasons involving class and race and cultural identity. But more than that, it is one of those archetypal issues that is in conflict with the American mythology that we are governed by the rule of law, and the morality of righteousness. One of the great new stories we need to tell is the true history of US involvement in the global drug trade and the integral role of drugs in the American economic and political systems.

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Video by Christoper Breedlove: http://www.mrbreedlove.com

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