I've teamed up with up with SWEATSHOPPE to create Ouroboros, an
immersive 3D video installation in the Soho district of New York City.
The concept developed from ideas I kicked around on Reality Sandwich a
few years ago, mainly on how the medium of television can evolve our
. Applying a technique developed by SWEATSHOPPE, aka Blake Shaw and
Bruno Levy, the kaleidoscopic video of Ouroboros flows through black
holographic space, following the evolution of consciousness from the
Big Bang to today.

The installation is a work of visual poetry that contains animated
mandalas, geometry and collages. We aim to convey the unity of the
cosmos in the realms of matter, life and spirit, and to do it through
direct experience rather than words. Ouroboros provides a rich
psychedelic atmosphere for contemplation, and there's comfortable
floor seating to encourage long viewing sessions. 3D glasses are

For images and more information visit Artlab.

Ouroboros opening time & place
6 – 8 PM, Thur, March 18, Ise Cultural Foundation, 555 Broadway
(between Prince & Spring).  It can be viewed until April 23.

After the opening is the Ouroboros Video Block Party, featuring
artists, performers and DJs to benefit White Box from 9 pm – dawn. On
the roster are Seth Carnes, Ali Hossaini, Hye Rim Lee, Shantell
Martin, Devan Simunovich, SWEATSHOPPE, Vangeline Theater plus DJs are
Smirk of Wolf + Lamb Music, Josh Doubles of Backseat Buzz, and Kimyon.

Ouroboros Video Block Party time & place
9 PM – dawn, March 18 (tonight!) at White
, 329 Broome Street at Bowery