Wed, April 21

Each night as we drift off to sleep, we enter into one of life’s oldest and most profound mysteries: the world of dreams. Cultures throughout history have been mesmerized by this ethereal state of consciousness, from the Dreamtime stories of Australia’s Aborigines to the symbolic psychologies of Freud and Jung. The alternate realms of our visionary slumbers present a puzzling paradox, calling into question the true nature of reality. Though much research has been done into the subject, the age-old question of why we dream remains as elusive as ever.
Are dreams a portal to a higher intelligence where prophetic and insightful messages are transmitted? Could they be part of an evolutionary process to advance human consciousness? In this Spore, we will pull back the covers from this mystifying phenomenon to reveal the many shades of dreaming. Evolver Regionals may choose to compare indigenous beliefs with recent scientific studies of dreams, learn techniques for lucid dreaming, or explore the power of creative visualization to manifest vibrant new realities.
Check the list below to find a Spore in your area. Dates may be different depending on the city. You can also email the regional host (via their group page) if you’d like to get involved in the planning of the event. If there is not yet a Spore in your community, email jonathan((at))evolver((dot))net to start your own.



Evolver Sydney


Evolver Vancouver

Evolver Toronto


Evolver Budapest (April 3)

Evolver The Netherlands

Evolver Stockholm



Evolver Capetown


Evolver Atlanta (April 27)

Evolver Baltimore (April 17)

Evolver Boise (April 19)

Evolver Boulder (April 14)

Evolver Cape Town (April 27)

Evolver Chicago

Evolver Chico

Evolver Columbus

Evolver Des Moines (April 13)

Evolver Detroit

Evolver Inland Empire ( April 29)

Evolver Long Beach (April 29)

Evolver Los Angeles (April 30)

Evolver Naples, FL

Evolver Nashville

Evolver New Orleans (April 22)

Evolver New York City (They Will Be Hosting a Psychedelics Spore)

Evolver Orange County

Evolver Philadelphia

Evolver Portland, OR

Evolver Princeton

Evolver Richmond

Evolver Sacramento (April 19)

Evolver Salt Lake City

Evolver San Francisco

Evovler Seattle

Evolver Tallahassee

Evolver Venice Beach

Image: "dream" by qi.Thomas on Flickr courtesy of Creative Commons Licensing.