Feeling a little paranoid about the Government withholding top-secret documentation on UFOs from you? Well then, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. "Fastwalkers" is a feature length documentary produced in association with the Safespace Project, a news agency established upon the premise that the mainstream news is part of the “cover-up.” The documentary discloses information they claim, “you were never meant to know,” and provides astounding revelations by the world's foremost authorities, including Dr. Steven M. Greer, Steve Bassett, Jim Marrs, Robert O. Dean, and many, many more.

"Fastwalkers" is the first film of an ongoing series that uses actual interviews provided by world renowned and respected individuals in a variety of fields of expertise. It seems that the ultimate goal of the filmmakers is to expose a "hidden agenda" currently being extolled to viewers by the global mainstream media.

The film can be purchased on the Fastwalkers website for $19.95, plus shipping and handling, or you can view it in its entirety on Youtube, like a normal human being.


Image, "Alien 1" by rarebeasts on Flickr Courtesy of Creative Commons.