The Evolver Social Movement Is How We Dream It


What would we do, I find myself imagining, as we awaken to the fact that we are having a mass, shared dream? I don't know about you, but I'd certainly want to connect with fellow dream characters who are also becoming lucid in the dream of life. We could then conspire to co-inspire each other, I imagine, to greater heights of lucidity. The Evolver Social Movement -- which includes Evolver and Reality Sandwich -- is like the switchboard of the "turned on" global brain, one that not only connects different parts of ourselves with each other, but further activates the very awakening of which it itself is a living expression. This visionary movement offers us the opportunity to put our brilliance together and activate our collective genius in a way which helps everyone evolve.

Novel forms of co-operative exchange such as this evolutionary social movement are a true anti-viral, spiritual antibody for the collective psychosis that is wreaking havoc on our planet. In helping to in-form, create, and cultivate a new planetary life-enhancing culture that is based on our interconnectivity, this radical social movement provides an alternative model and template for co-operatively changing the waking dream we are having. In participating in this ripple of evolution, we can help spread the seeds of these intention-filled, ever-evolving spores to proliferate themselves, inflaming an ever-consuming wild-fire of awakening mind throughout every corner of the planet.

Unlike the propaganda-based, profit-driven corporate media whose purpose is to manage our perceptions, Evolver, in media-ting a new way for us to in-form ourselves, provides an alternative platform for us to take back and expand our minds. This movement is a visionary prototype of an emerging type of interdependent media that is based on our intrinsic interdependence. This spiritual/social/political network is a multi-media and multi-channeled (both virtual and visceral, on-line and off-line) entity that we are literally dreaming up and co-creating so as to potentially wake ourselves up en masse in ways that have never been seen before in this cycle of human history. Such a living organ-ization is like an Internet provider of and for the inter-connected soul of humanity, in that it provides a network through which to network with each other, so that we can co-operatively work together to create a world that works. Evolver is a portal in the cyberspace of mind through which we can co-ordinate ourselves to come together in full-bodied form, and through our interplay effect real change in the third dimension of space and time.  

Evolver is a new form of inter-active community that, in helping us connect with and in-form each other, offers us a real-time vehicle for stepping out of the illusion of the separate self together. Offering a forum for bringing the most creative, out of the box minds of our visionary culture together, Evolver can potentially help us to realize that we are interconnected cells in a greater mystical body that is awakening through us as we awaken to it. It provides a skeletal structure upon which to build, give shape to, and animate the living body of a new world. Communities like Evolver are an antidote for the increasing fragmentation in the world today. There are so many of us who are awakening in our own way, evolving within our own limited sphere of influence. Evolver offers us an alchemical vehicle to synergistically put our unique gifts together in a way that creates a win-win situation for everyone. Each of us can be likened to pieces of a global jigsaw puzzle; as seemingly isolated selves, we might not know how we fit together in the greater whole. We are like a "soul family" who has made a sacred commitment over lifetimes to connect with each other and help one another awaken, remembering that we only exist as relatives of and relative to each other. We can assist each other to recognize that we are holding pieces of the puzzle for each other that when put together make all of us more whole; something greater than the sum of its parts gets created and emerges through us in the process.

When a community is based on the intention of serving the health of the whole, it is something precious that is to be treasured. According to the Buddha, such a co-operative venture ("the sangha") is considered to be one of the supports for awakening, both on the individual and collective level. The Evolver community, one of whose intentions is to cut through and dissolve the hierarchical power structure of the old paradigm which engenders abuse of power over "others," can help us to potentially discover creative and novel ways of waking ourselves up that aren't available to us when we are not connected and connecting with each other. A community that is an instrument for evolution is a living symbol, an embodied iteration of a fractal, revealing to us what is available to our species as a collective whole. Being a socially responsible and responsive organization, Evolver is not just driven by the bottom line, but rather, is drawn towards breaking the glass ceiling of our evolutionary potential.

Evolver is an agent for an engaged form of spiritually informed political activism (political activism informed by spiritual wisdom). Infusing its activism with an expanded consciousness, Evolver expresses this deeper synthesis as a form of "art." Evolver is a creative work-in-progress that is potentially, depending upon how we dream it, a form of living and lived-through art. It is an empowering arm of what I call the "Art-Happening Called Global Awakening," in which those of us who are awakening to the dreamlike nature of our universe come together and discover how we can help each other to deepen and stabilize our shared lucidity. Being a reflection of the dreamlike universe, Evolver is whatever we dream it to be. There is no Evolver outside of our own mind. Evolver, and our own evolution for that matter, is purely a function of how we dream it.  

This visionary movement, the Evolver Social Movement, is an expression that our species is growing up, that we are stepping out of our adolescence, and are becoming adult, as we recognize our responsibility and intrinsic power to transform our shared waking dream. We can't wait for a divine savior, some off-planet deity, our government, or other people to save us. We have to do it ourselves. As we mature, evolve, and step into and flesh out our incarnation, we realize that we are the very Messiah that we have been waiting for. How our world crisis turns out depends upon us, upon the choices we make, upon how we invest our attention. How this waking dream unfolds depends upon which thought-forms we energize, invest with reality and dream up into embodied form. Evolver is an emerging planetary network through which we can assist each other to snap out of unconsciously playing helpless, disempowered, and passive victims, and step into our roles as empowered co-creators and dreamers of the shared waking dream that is our world. Something very magical and potent becomes available to us when members of our species come together and re-member to remember.

This ever-evolving movement offers us the opportunity to dream into full-bodied materialization the very world we are imagining. I call this our "sacred power of dreaming," which is the deeper part of us that is moment by moment dreaming up this universe into materialization. We are all using our sacred power of dreaming all the time; the majority of people on this planet are wielding this God-given power unconsciously, however, in a way which creates chaos and destruction. When enough of us consciously tap into this intrinsic, divinely-mandated power within us, we can get in synch with ourselves and each other, and in so doing put our sacred power of dreaming together and, I imagine, literally change the world for the better. This isn't some sort of new age woo-woo; this is precisely the nature of our situation, just like when a sufficient number of dream characters in a dream become lucid, we can put our lucidity together and transform the dream we are having. Finding the leverage point through which we can intervene in the dreaming enables us to reciprocally stimulate each others lucidity and "dream ourselves awake," which is evolution in action. Evolver is a living example of an archetypal idea that has become activated within our species whose time has come. Being archetypal, this movement is nonlocal, which means it is emerging into our world as if from a higher-dimension, while being local at the same time (coming to a town near you!).

My financial wizard friend Catherine Austin Fitts ( reminds us that we vote with how we spend and invest our money. One of the big mistakes that many well-intentioned and spiritually minded people make is to turn away from and contract against money and all that it represents. This stance is understandable from one point of view, considering how money is used in our world in a way which enslaves so many people and creates so much suffering. Demonizing money, however, can potentially be a reflection of avoiding relationship with a part of ourselves. Money, as a form of potential energy, can be embraced as a means through which we can learn to effectively wield our power in the world. Seen as the symbol that it is, money is a token, one of the energetic mediums through which we navigate through and craft our world in such a way so as to make things happen. This is a fact that cannot be ignored, no matter how much we wish otherwise (at least at this stage of the game). Reality Sandwich cannot survive on brilliant blog posts alone. It is a joint evolutionary ad-venture that needs an infusion of capital from its global members.

The evolution movement is one of the best investments we can make, as it is investing in and voting for our own lucidity. Better than gold and silver, it is an investment in our own intrinsic wealth and abundance. This ever-evolving field is like a doorway through which the awakening mind of humanity is inspiring, in-forming, regenerating, and incarnating itself. A modern-day version of collective shamanism, the Evolver Social Movement is one of the crystallizations of and channels through which the evolution of the universe is now taking place. Becoming a contributor to and shareholder of this evolutionary social movement is an incredible opportunity being offered to us to participate and wisely invest in our own mutually shared evolution. The Evolver Social Movement is a living example of over-unity technology in the medium of human relationships and information exchange, a true zero point of the mind in the process of awakening, whose return on investment is endlessly self-generating in ways we can only imagine. 


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Paul Levy is a regular contributor to Reality Sandwich. A pioneer in the field of spiritual emergence, he is a healer in private practice, assisting others who are also awakening to the dreamlike nature of reality. Paul is also a visionary artist and a spiritually-informed political activist. He is the author of The Madness of George Bush: A Reflection of Our Collective Psychosis, which is available on his website (See the first chapter, The Madness of George W. Bush: A Reflection of our Collective Psychosis). You can contact Paul at; he looks forward to your reflections. Though he reads every email, he regrets that he is not able to personally respond to all of them. © Copyright 2010.

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