==Wednesday, April 28==

Evolver NYC Spore: The Future of Psychedelics

Come join fellow evolvers as we explore and discuss the new frontiers emerging for psychedelics in our modern culture, as both scientifically verified medicines and intentional tools for personal development. The night features psychotherapist and author Dr. Neal Goldsmith, who will share his thoughts on the future of psychedelics after returning from MAPS' "Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century" conference. Evolver editorial director and "Breaking Open the Head" and “2012” author Daniel Pinchbeck will speak about his transformative experiences taking Iboga, and the Trypnotist, creator of Trypnosis, will be our DJ guide on a transcendental techno trip – no substances required.  The evening will also include an opportunity to interact in a number of workshops and artistic expressions: music, visuals and recreational brain wave entrainment by Psyncus; Trypnosis sessions via stroboscopic goggles with the Trypnotist; meditation trips through the imagination with the ID Project’s Joshua Adler; live drawings inspired by extra-dimensional music with Chris Kaplan; “Dream Yoga” with Matt Canale; a binaural beats and Theta brainwave inducing experiments with Eliott Edge; Reiki Energy Healing by Steve Urban (Traditional Usui Method). Come early to catch a performance of minimalist Terry Riley's "In C", led by Nathan Clark. Drinks, music, mingling, and more.  Doors at 7:30p, Show starts at 8p, Festivities run until 11p; $10.

(7:30p, $10)
388 Atlantic Avenue (between Hoyt and Bond). Check out our new Evolver headquarters with convenient subway stops (A, C, G, F, Q, N, R, 4, 5 trains)
Brooklyn, NY

=====Thursday, April 29=====

IET Karma Clearing ~ with Master IET Instructor Kiana Love

Use this fresh spring energy to clear the winter blahs from your body and make way for your bright new spring intentions. Plant seeds of joy and pleasure in your body!
IET Karma Clearing is a powerful yet gentle meditative process that supports you in "getting the issues out of your body's tissues" & releasing negative patterns that hold you back. Clear the way for your new intentions and chakracize into spring.
Scrub and re-energize your whole being and awaken your chakras with gentle stretching, simple yoga, connected breath, and vibrant sound. Connect to your body's wild wisdom. Energize. Its time for you to reclaim your body and love feeling sexy.

Benefits of IET
. Painlessly identifies and releases your deeply suppressed feelings and your core cellular memories.
. Clears energy blocks that limit your health, life purpose, prosperity and creativity.
. Empowers you to experience fulfilling loving relationships in all areas of your life.
. Helps you to discover and live your Soul's mission in life.
. Provides gentle yet powerful support for survivors of childhood traumas such as physical and sexual abuse, alcoholic and dysfunctional families.

Master IET Instructor, Kiana Love, founder of Be Wild Woman, helps women to reclaim their body's creative wisdom & feel sexy. She employs somatic therapies, nutritional coaching, energy work, yoga & reflexology to teach & guide women to reclaim their body's wild wisdom. She holds a B.S. in Behavioral Science from the University of Houston and has certifications in body mind healing. She is available for private healing programs, workshops, parties & lectures.

Kakini Healing Center
155 w 72nd St suite 205
(6-7:30p, $25)

==Friday, April 30==

New Faux  – Performance Fashion Show

New Faux is a showcase of the city’s most innovative designers and performers, transforming the cat-walk into a spectacular stage to display imaginative works of wearable art. Expect the surreal and sincere as dancers, singers, aerialists, drag queens and contortionists model bizarre and brilliant creations in a performance-infused fashion show built to excite and inspire.  Featuring collections from Kae Burke, Papusza Couture, Lolli Poppit, Third Earth Designs, Emma Emma, AlienNation, Xango by Jessi Klein and Celso de la Blanca. Performances by electro-pop trio Tayisha Busay, the infamous Narcissister, members Lady Circus, the Skybox Aerialists, dance by Casa de la Blanca, the musical stylings of IV and many more. Hosted by the infinitely stylish Dandy Wellington.  Complimentary cocktails will be available for eccentric dressers, so please feel free to show off..


(8p – Show at 9p; $10) Dancing and performances til 3am.
House of Yes
342 Maujer Street

=========Thursday, April 29=========

Psycheground three year resident anniversary

psycheground, organized by the dreamcatchers in 2002, is one of the longest continuously running electronic music events in both new york city and the united states at large.   On april 29th, psycheground will be hitting the three year mark in its residency at sullivan room, recently voted a top 100 club by dj mag . Having come a long way over these years, the dreamcatchers would like to share their appreciation for sullivan room with the electronic music community in the big bang family-style party that new york city has come to expect from psycheground. With a massive lineup of some of new york’s finest artists and djs, the night will surely be one of non-stop psychedelic fever that will keep us all on our feet until the lights go on.  Bring your dancing shoes, and let the party begin.  Featuring lineup: dreamcatcher allstars tag set, special ny allstar tag set, radmoura, carol ferraz

RSVP to [email protected] for $5.00 reduced list
Subway: A, B, C, D, E, F, or V trains to "W 4 St – Wash Sq"
Map to Sullivan Room:

(10p-4a, $10) 21+ with ID
Sullivan Room NYC
218 Sullivan St (between Bleecker and West 3rd St, 2 blocks east of 6th Ave)

==April 30 – May 2 Retreat==

Spring Cleaning Retreat  – with Hopi Grandmother Mona Polacca

A Weekend Retreat at the Waterfall House in the New York Catskill Mountains

"Indigenous people have come through a time of great struggle, a time of darkness. The way I look at it is like the nature of a butterfly. In the cocoon, a place of darkness, the creature breaks down into a fluid and then a change, a transformation, takes place. When it is ready and in its own time, it begins to move and develop a form that stretches and breaks away from this cocoon and emerges into this world, into life, as a beautiful creature.  We grandmothers, we have emerged from that darkness, see this beauty, see each other and reach out to the world with open arms, with love, hope, compassion, faith and charity".   ~Mona Polacca.  We invite to you to participate in a special weekend led by Grandmother Mona Polacca (Hopi/Tewa/ Havasupi)  from the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.  During the weekend, Mona will especially focus on physical, mental and energetic clearing and re-awakening of the mind, heart, body and spirit so that you can walk in balance and beauty as you enter this season of growth and new beginnings.  There will be several prayer ceremonies, teachings,  walking meditations and a sacred sweat lodge ceremony to reconnect ourselves with the surrounding nature spirits and Great Spirit that lives in all of us.   The retreat is limited to 18 participants, so we suggest you don't delay in registering.  Please email [email protected] for more info or visit us on the web at www.thewaterfallhouse.com.  Mona Polacca, a Hopi/Havasupai /Tewa elder, has a Master of Social Work degree and is an advocate for Native American health issues.  She serves on several United Nations committees on indigenous people's issues and is a featured author, speaker, and educator on indigenous people's human rights, aging, mental health, addiction and violence. She is also the President/CEO and faculty of the Turtle Island Project, a non-profit program that promotes a vision of wellness by providing trans-cultural training to individuals, families, and healthcare professionals.Cost for the weekend (includes room and board Friday through Sunday): $285  ($65 extra per night for a private room, $40 extra per night for a bed in a quad room)  Children and families are welcome to attend. Please contact The Waterfall House for family pricing.

To register for the retreat, please send a non-refundable $50 deposit check made out to CASH to:
The Waterfall House
256 West Fulton Road
West Fulton, NY 12194
Additional donations are welcome to further the healing cause of the Council of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmother. Please visit http://www.grandmotherscouncil.com to learn more about their work of healing and prayer.

=======Saturday May 8th=======

The Sullivan Street Shakedown: Five, Eight, Forty

A Celebration Of Photographer Matthew Fitzgerald's Birthday XL, Featuring: DrumLab & DJ Viz (Psylab), Nutritious, Will Swank (Motet), People In Charge, Zoe Wilder, eBonheur, Mikey Beatz, VJ Mamiko Kushida, & More Special Guests TBA; We are throwing it down at The Sullivan Street Shakedown for one of the finest brothers we know. Matt Fitzgerald and his brilliant photography have been helping the scene (and us) grow strong for many years and in honor of his day of birth, we're putting together an assortment of instrumentalists/deejays that will assemble to bring you hours of audio diamonds. These players are from some of the biggest, baddest stages around, and they're combining on this night to pull out every stop, every trick in their book – every riff, scratch, slide, snap, boom, bam they've ever perfected will be projected at pleasing your soul, moving your body, and bringing this fine human into his next year of life. Matt and his keen eyes have helped breathe life into and move the careers of every performer you'll see on this night, and with your presence (the best birthday present there is), together, we can turn the focus back on Matt and give him the soiree he so rightfully deserves. From live drum and bass, brass horns, records and cds, to v-drums and kaossed vox, there will be new genres of music formed on this night, and all of it will move you so, come ready to be moved…and dance.  Special photo coverage of this night will be provided by the talented, Daniela Volpi.  DrumLab:  The duo of Steve (drums) and Ed (techno wizardry) of the famous psychedelic / live electronic band Psylab. DrumLab breaks it down into the strictly twisted dub elements of Psylab's mastery and paves new ground with what can be done with a set of e-drums and lots of SUBS.  People In Charge:  Added to the sonic mix is the collaboration of rotating People In Charge musical guests – the opportunity for producers to rock their instruments live on stage rather than behind the recording console. On this night, Mikey Beatz (drums), eBonheur (bass), and Zoe Wilder (vocals) team with DrumLab to turn the party on its head.  DJ Viz: Or Vizzie, the techno technician of Psylab fame, rocks the 1's and 2's, strictly vinyl, for an exploration and elaboration of the world's finest Dub-Step and Drum & Bass. Viz is a sub-bass gourmand, so be ready to feel it in your gut.  Will Swank: Swank brings with him years of touring experience with The Motet and a background in subterranean Jazz that stands the test with history's most legendary saxophone players. Will rocks a growling tenor and phrases lines like he's painting the future in ancient poetry.  Nutritious:  Is a DJ… and he rocks the shit out of parties.  eBonheur: is a ninja.  Zoe Wilder: ZW has shared many a stage but, most infamous for her collaborations with Psylab and the New Deal. Possibly most remembered for her shadow dancing performance at main-stage Camp Bisco 6, Wilder's scheming something xxx-tra provocative for Five Eight Forty so, abre los ojos.  VJ Mamiko Kushida.  Mami should need no introduction but, new to the States after rockin Japan's biggest events for years, Mamiko's the most bad-ass VJ here. She's one part kunoichi, one part Foxy Brown – she'll super-fly slice-you and you'll thank her for it.  A limited number of $10 pre-sale tickets are available at www.sullivanhallnyc.com  Festivities start at 11:00 sharp – 214 Sullivan Street – Saturday May 8th.

(11p – 4a, $10 adv) Ages: 18+
Sullivan Hall, 214 Sullivan Street, NYC
Trains: A,B,C,D,E,F,V to W. 4th
Contact: [email protected]
http://www.sullivanhallnyc.com // www.spinspinnyc.com

===MAY 8th===

Stirring the Seeds of Change.

For the first time at the Knitting Factory, Unitribe invites you to dive into the pulse and stir the seeds of change through conscious sound, movement and connection. Participate in transformation as we celebrate with intention.  An Eclectic line up of Kirtan, Funk, Hip Hop, House, Electronica, Psychedelic, Rock, and World Music.  8 Opening Ceremony Followed by Sanga Kirtan; 9 Matchless Gifts Collective (ft. Laura Fay Lewis and Robert Bray); 10 Ekayani and the Tom Glide Show; 11 The Flowdown; 12 Dynasty Electric w/ Special Guests; 1 The Disco Monkeys; 2-4 Dj's Cumba Mela.  Come Dance, Vibe, & Deepen… Experience Unitribe Nightlife.  Featuring: Gong Healing, Yoga Dance Experience, Freestyle Experiments, Nasty Beats and a Lineup of Live Music, featuring NYC’s New Conscious Acts.  Co-Sponsored by GreenBusTour – contributions benefit artists and entrepreneurs hitting the road in a biofuel bus this Summer, to spread creativity, sustainability and wellness across the nation.

The Kitting Factory,
361 Metropolitan Ave. BK NY