In the wake of Republican Governor Jan Brewer's anti-immigrant law, me and Chuck D were rappin' and we decided to put together an update of his classic track "By The Time I get To Arizona." Anyone who knows about hip hop from the early 90's remembers John Mccain's unwillingness to endorse creating a local version of Martin Luther King's birthday. The update here is a 21st century look in the rear view mirror. The cliché that "those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it" still holds sway in our hyper amnesiac culture. I remixed D.W. Griffith's infamous film "Birth of a Nation" with a bit of Public Enemy in mind, and later on, they named an e.p. with the same name as my project. Me and Chuck D have done several projects in the past around progressive, non knucklehead hip hop. (Check out my album, Drums of Death [].)

Please feel free to download this track and pass it around. We are the media.

By the way, this is a mashup, and it's basically not really for sale. I just took a riff from Philly Sound (, and flipped it. The result, is what you hear here. It's free, and open. No $!!


Image by Arasmus on Flickr Courtesy of Creative Commons Licensing.