[The Ayahuasca Monologues] • It's 2006 and I'm alone in the wilderness. I have
drunk the
potion and I am now seeing the visions. My notebook rests in my hand, I
writing down everything that I see, think or feel, as I always do when
going on
mind excursions.

Surrounded by these barren mountains I am struck
by a
feeling of hopelessness. My mind is filled with the images of President
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, and all
of those
other powerful people who seem to have made up their minds to clash and
the world; of me, stuck in the middle of them all, in my home in the
middle of
the Middle East, destined to get blown up soon some way or another. I
thinking about the television channels, about these lies of propaganda
they are
feeding us in between commercials. Is there any way out? The ayahuasca
downloads the answer to my question:

"It is us against them / light against darkness /
a struggle
for the control of knowledge and the exegesis of reality / they will
not give
up / television will not give up / it will proceed spreading darkness /
and we
must proceed spreading light / till the end, with love / but we, the
must learn to use their weapons / the weapons of media / these weapons
to us / free them, free yourself."

Being the good Jew that I was in those days, I firmly
that the world is made up of some kind of code.  You
want to change the world? Just find the hack and inject
it into the system. Kabbalah says that a person who knows the name of
God can
create the world anew and perform miracles. Everything is possible if
you know
the right code. Now with the power of this potion, I finally feel as if
I might
be able to learn it soon.

I am seeing these amazing visions, telling me that
people, even the host of the Channel 2 news broadcast, are particles of
that they are all entities struggling to free themselves 
from a cobweb of dark attachments.
Everything is God, the other is you and you are everything. The whole
Middle-Eastern conflict strikes me suddenly as peculiarly strange and
inscrutable. Why in the hell should we fight for space, when we can't
begin to comprehend what space is? Oh, if only they could see what I am
now, they would be free and love everything, as I am experiencing now. 

Then I think of YouTube, that new website which
hosts videos
on the web. Suddenly YouTube seems to be the answer for the problem of
transmitting the code of the Geula[1],
the Hebrew for salvation/redemption, in the postmodern media age.
Theoretically, the video site can allow anyone with access to the code
ability to upload it and transmit it through the web, where it will
disseminate, turning people on. This could be a mass Internet movement
for the
awakening of humanity. All you need is the right code, the code to make
media junky tune in and reprogram their minds.

The messages and images streaming within my head
alien, as if coming from another intergalactic culture unknown to me,
but also
almost omnipotent in their power of transformation.  I
can't help but wonder, what if I could somehow record this
experience that I am having right at this moment and transmit it
through YouTube?
If I ask Mother Ayahuasca she might generously supply me with the
of how to turn my house into an intergalactic station and transmit
messages to the world, so all will be able to see what I am witnessing

Finally, after years of mourning about my hopeless
situation, stuck in this horrible region filled with rabid madmen
determined to kill each other and endlessly readying themselves towards
Big War," a new hope is opening up before me. The world of ego is
trying to
control us, but these messages coming into my mind from another
universe could
just be the answer, a key to unlock the door for us all. They are the
instructions for the creation of an intergalactic academy, which will
its cosmic knowledge through the Internet via YouTube.

No wonder the Geula was so late in arriving on our
This could never happen before. These alien forces have waited until
this new
messianic technology appeared, which now allows them to by-pass the
structures of mass media and transmit their intergalactic messages
directly to
all people. Web 2.0 will be the beginning of Prophecy 2.0. Geula, here you come!

* * *

A month later I'm back in the wilderness. I have
things over, and I am ready to proceed with my mission. Now I am
consuming the
potion, drinking the spirit of God, waiting for the revelations to
come. I am
here on a mission of espionage, trying to contact intergalactic
for instructions on how to connect this world with the other world. I
am the
undercover agent, undercover in this world, on a mission on behalf of
universe, about to start an alien invasion of love upon this great
planet called Earth.

But then something happens. The mission of the
agent is tricky and devious. In order to contact that other universe,
he must
erase the self and become infinity. But then again, if he succeeds in
forgetting who he is, he might also forget why he's come here. 
He might waste time on idle
hallucinations, losing sight of his mission.

I am lost in other worlds, seeing myself as a
multitude of
creatures streaming through my body. I am women, I am animals, I am
plants, and
rocks and an unending river of strange figures who are passing through
me, all
becoming part of me. I am nothing and I am everything. I see a group of
unstitching my identity into thin threads and then weaving and
unstitching me
again and again in an endless variety of forms.

I become enmeshed in this curious and beautiful
image when I
suddenly hear faint but distinct noises that remind me of Morse code.
consciousness slowly awakens to the sounds of intergalactic
arriving from the cosmic underground. My perception observes a
satellite hovering over our planet, sending its messages down to me,
here alone
in the wilderness, connecting to it with my body's own intergalactic
technologies. Yes, I remember who I am! I am a hallucinated James Bond
who must
perform his messianic mission, and it has nothing to do with the fact
that I am
not suitable in any way, that I am fraught with numerous flaws and
I am here and this is all that matters, because very soon everybody
will have
to become the messiah.

Suddenly my consciousness is transported into a
training field. A new lobe seems to spring up inside of my brain, as if
nowhere. My intergalactic training agents have put me on a new
grid and I am galloping fiercely, jumping from one universe to another
like a
transdimensional kung-fu fighter, breathing inside an endless flow of
knowledge, beyond anything I've ever seen before.

And then I vomit. I have to purge yourself,
cleanse my
filthy being to become a vessel for the light. Mother Ayahuasca won't
alongside all the junk that you have accumulated up until now. Go down
to the
shadows, and rise up, eagle of power. This is your initiation; Geula is coming. 
The messages come in:

Conspiracy, Wake up!!! / Please realize that the biggest conspiracy is
conspiracy of your existence / Who are you?"

I am with the mother. She is engulfing me,
teaching me to
become a soldier in the army of eternal love. These endless worlds are
emanating from within me, claiming their right of existence, letting me
that I have never before realized who I truly am, that I, and everybody
is about to undergo a beautiful transformation. If I can only cleanse
thoroughly, if I can become a lucid vehicle for the light, the
knowledge that
is buried inside of me will be revealed and truth will be seen.

I am shown a beautiful tapestry of colors — a code
pertains to visual signals. These are the colors to use in my YouTube
clips. A
stream of images is moving through me, immersing me in the visuals to
be used
in the clips of the Geula.

Then I am shown a vast series of intergalactic
fashion and
design artifacts. The Geula will have to be worn as well as lived in.
They go
together. A whole line of clothing, furniture, and gadgetry appears —
to remind us of the other reality, to make us live in it, to make our
reside in it.

And that intergalactic voice, recognizable by a
vocal texture, one that reminds me of a cross between a police siren
and a
power saw, zaps immoderately bizarre slogans into my head:

"People of the earth / I call upon you / The
entire universe
is having a party tonight / Don't miss it! / Don't open your TV / Open
internal TV / Tune to all channels / Don't look at Beckham / You are
Beckham /
Don't look at Kate Moss / You are Kate Moss."

If we could but create a global movement for
expansion we might become a people of prophets. We only have to
practice our
consciousness, teaching it ever new ways to grow and see the world.
Before my
eyes I see this strange figure, an amalgamation of prophet and aerobics
— the intergalactic prophet. His shining figure is jumping up and down
and he
is waving his hands erratically, calling:

"Now the whole of humanity. Breathe! / Hop Hop!
humanity! / Come on humanity, stretch yourself! / Become stabile in
body as in
mind! / Develop inner power! / Learn to breathe! / Learn to live!"

That strange prophet is me, and yet it is utterly
shouting its messages at me, demanding of me to break my old bonds and
in its image. Terrence McKenna said that we have become so alienated
ourselves, that when our true self reveals itself it seems like an
alien to us.
I must become this alien.

Intergalactic is this primal voice of humanity,
heard beyond
the rage and the pain, from the depths of the forests, a voice calling
"wake up!!!"

* * * 

During the months following these experiences, I
myself to recreating the intergalactic underground visions and messages
in the
form of YouTube videos.
I assemble a team of gifted media professionals dedicated to the goal
bringing a new dawn to humanity. I hop from one artist to the next over
summer, getting them excited about the upcoming Geula, while the newspaper headlines repeatedly
our Israeli homeland with the prospect of an all out war with Iran. I
know I
have to stop this. It's now 2007 and I'm convinced this will either be
the year
of the long-awaited nuclear war between Israel and Iran, or the year of
the Geula. In order to
make the message more global, I
integrate Persian, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, French,
Portuguese, and Spanish into the primarily English-based videos. I am
that when the truth is finally told, people will understand and embrace

Creating the clips doesn't demand much creativity.
instructions are already there. Sure, I have some minor decisions to
make about
how to frame this shot, or how to edit that sequence, but generally the
information about the message, the vibe, the visual structure – is
there in its entirety, transmitted to me by the cosmic underground.
nothing for me to do but to utterly dedicate myself to making these
receive earthly form.

Back in Tel Aviv, life goes on as normal. People
attend wild
parties, fall in love, and then after the weekend, head back to work.
The stock
market is booming and our politicians continue playing their role as
impotent navigators of a corrupt culture looking for a way out. I spend
all of my time at home, working. I have no more direct contact with the
underground. Even though I would spend all of my time planning its
invasion, it seems as if the underground itself has moved into the
shadows. Now
I'm a lone agent, out of touch with headquarters, in the foreign land
of Earth.
I have to count upon myself and upon the knowledge I've received. The
experience is peculiar. It sometimes feels as if I'd been drafted by a
alien organization that is so underground that even its agents aren't
whether it exists at all. For months I stop working, neglecting my
studies, my personal relationships, and even falling into debt. My
falling apart, however this all seems secondary in comparison to the
and promise of the visions. As soon as the messianic videos go online,
will reach its conclusion. There's no need to worry about details like
relationships or studies.

After putting the first Intergalactic video up on
YouTube, I
sit in my room, anxiously waiting for something enormous to happen, for
code to break the walls of consciousness, spread around the world and
everybody up. When I go to sleep that night, a part of me actually
believes I
might wake up the next morning in a different, enlightened world.

Needless to say, this doesn't happen. The next
morning the
world remains frustratingly the same. Many people love the
Underground videos and even feel inspired to become better people.  Some think it's a joke while others
find it too weird, crazy, noisy, or just plain nonsense. The
messages, which combine pop culture with theological messages, confuse
from both ends of the spectrum. Pop culture aficionados without any
in religion or spirituality think this is some kind of crazy Ali G
style prank.
Religious people without any interest in pop culture say the message is
but why in the world do I have to shout so much while flashing all
these crazy
colors at them. The ones who were at home both in pop culture as well
as in the
spiritual domain seem to get it, sometimes even love it, but they were
generally the minority.

One of the personal lessons I take from this whole
experience is that there is an almost insurmountable gap between the
worlds, from which these messages came, and this world. If you watch
clips while on a trip, you get it, you totally get it, but to really
them you need to already be in that other place in your mind where
inner truth
can be revealed. If you just glance at the videos during an office
while checking your inbox, they lose their potency.

Words and images can help make it vivid, but they
enough to make it undeniable to all. It is all about a feeling, this
feeling I
had when I was with Mother Ayahuasca in the wilderness. I thought I
might be
able to record it and transmit it, but there's no real way to transmit
kind of experience, not on YouTube anyway. In the following months I
ponder this problem again and again and envision a futuristic
machine, a machine to record consciousness states, which could enable
us to
record the state of enlightenment, upload it on the web, and download
it to all

Maybe that kind of machine could bring the Geula, perhaps not. Maybe I needed to lay off
this crazy
messianic stuff about Geula for a
while and get back to taking care of my own life. And that's what I
However, I never regret being drafted for the intergalactic underground
dedicating months of my life to establish their YouTube channel. As we
used to
say among us Geula agents
in the
messianic days of 2007, "Every person should try and bring the
, at least once in their

And the Geula is still there, hidden somewhere on
the web.
The message of the underground is still there, on that Intergalactic
Underground channel, available for each and every person who is willing
receive the teachings. From time to time, when I feel down or away from
"the force,"
I tune into the channel, and remember those visions I had in the
and the beginning of my new life as an intergalactic disciple.

"Geula" is
the Hebrew word for Salvation/Redemption. I use it here instead of its
counterparts because I feel these English words come from within a
context and miss the very special euphoric and spiritual overtones of
the term