725 Forstall Street used to be home to the pastor of the Apostolic Upper Room Church in the Holy Cross neighborhood of New Orleans. After Katrina, the flooded house on Forstall street was abandoned, but recently the parsonage has been transformed by artists Rian KerraneintoFrahn Koerner, and Anastasia Pelias into a powerful work of art.  The project was done with collaboration and sponsorship from ARTinACTION, an organization that supports artists who "work only in areas of New Orleans still fighting to recover from the levee breaks of 2005 and work only with permission of site/land owners."   

As one approaches 725 Forstall street thousands of paper ships spill out the doorway, the windows are covered with netting, and the roof is adorned with a large hand-made crown. The floor on the inside of the house is covered in paper ships arranged in swirling, whirlpool patterns and visitors must navigate the house by walking on single wooden planks. Inside is a chilling but beautiful altar.

A recent review of the house suggests that the sensory quality of the transformed parsonage is powerful and causes deep states of reflection upon natural themes of life and death, chaos and order.

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