On August 12, a crop formation appeared near Alton Barnes. It incorporates the Mayan symbol for "six" — a line with a dot above it — within a larger circle. The "dot" contains a ring of thirteen whorls, thought to represent the thirteen months of the Mayan calendar.

This formation seems to be a continuation of the "countdown" theme of crop formations this year. According to the Crop Circle Connector, "a similar symbolism was shown at East Field on July 7, where lunar cycle IV began with a new Moon on August 12, then proceeded for just six days to an approximate 30% lunar phase on August 18, before slowly tapering off into nothing.

"Another related symbolism was shown at Pewsey on August 4, which gave a more precise lunar phase of 32-34% following the next new Moon (midnight August 18 to early morning August 19 GMT)."

Depending on the interpretation, the "dot" of the formation either contains a ring of twelve whorls (the twelve months of the Gregorian calendar) or the twelve outer whorls plus the central whorl for a total of thirteen (the thirteen months of the Mayan calendar). Theorists diverge on whether the current formation points to Saturday, August 18 (six days from August 12) or Wednesday, August 22 (6 Eb in the Tzolk'in).

Detail from photo of the Mayan symbol for "six" by Thom Watson under Creative Commons license.