Tired of watching the oil gush out of the ocean floor and into the Gulf? Feeling helpless? Well… did you know that hair soaks up oil better than anything else? And did you know that in the coming weeks, the Lower Ninth Ward Village is the #1 place to do something about the environment! Come join Evolver New Orleans as they help mobilize people for a historic clean-up.

Starting Saturday, May 15 (8am until it gets dark) and Sunday, May 16 (noon to 6pm), at our VILLAGE FLEA MARKET FUNDRAISER, the non-profit Lower Ninth Ward Village will begin its stint as host for the space to assemble “HAIR BOOMS.”
In conjunction with BURNERS WITHOUT BORDERS and MATTER OF TRUST, the Village will receive thousands of pounds of hair in the mail and stuff it into pantyhose. Yes, you read right! For two weeks, starting at the Village Flea Market Fundraiser — and continuing EVERY SINGLE DAY from NOON-8pm through May 31 — the Lower Ninth Ward Village volunteers will be turning the collected barber-shop clippings of thousands of well-meaning individuals and pooches from all across the country into real cleanup action.
Believe it or not, this is the best way for “regular folks” like us to do our part in taking on the impossible task of beginning to clean up this impossible mess. What’s more, all people everywhere are invited to come and be a part of the cleanup. Church groups, field trips, neighborhood caravans, and whomever else… please come out to pull up a chair in the air conditioning for a couple hours and stuff stuff for the Gulf!
Lower Ninth Ward Village


1001 Charbonnet off St. Claude

New Orleans, LA

Flea Market Fundraiser-May 15th 8am-dark & May 16th Noon-6pm

Boom-B-Q- Everyday May 15th-May 31st (large groups are welcome, please call in advance)

(504) 402-4284 or (773) 592-7207


Image "Oil on Chandeleur Islands on Saturday" by jeferonixon Flickr courtsey of Creative Commons.