Reality Sandwich invites you to embark on an eight-day
shamanic journey of deep healing, discovery, and transformation. Set in the
breathtaking natural beauty of Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula, participants will
take part in 3 sacred ceremonies with the Amazonian plant medicine, the "vine
of souls." This Reality Sandwich spiritual excursion will be hosted by
RS's editorial director Daniel Pinchbeck and executive producer Ken Jordan.
Colombian healer Nando Vila and his partner Kathi will lead the ceremonies. In
this retreat you will be guided into deeper realms, opening you up to the
healing energies of this powerful plant teacher. The retreat will be held in
the tropical paradise of Guaria de Osa, a stunning sanctuary of primary
rainforest and pristine beaches alongside the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica. This
inaugural Reality Sandwich Plant Medicine Retreat takes place August 15 – 22, 2010

We know that there's a high level of interest in Reality
Sandwich organizing medicine retreats for our community, and that it's
important the experience be one we can recommend without reservation. This is
it. A number of us in the Reality Sandwich crew have been in ceremonies with
Nando and Kathi, and trust them to hold a safe, sacred healing space. We're
extremely excited about collaborating with them on this adventure, and for it
to take place at such an ideal location. 

On the evenings between ceremonies, the retreat leaders will lead discussions about: going beyond the psychedelic experience into the realm of healing; techniques for staying connected to the plant medicine experience after the ceremony is over  (how can we "be" the medicine); and the growing global shamanic underground. During the days, workshops will include: learning how to deepen our connection to the plant kingdom; the Divine Feminine within contemporary ritual; and understanding water as a messenger and a source of intelligence.

Before and after ceremonies there will be sharing circles, for
discussions on how to integrate knowledge gained during the ceremony
into our daily lives. There will also be opportunities for private
consultations that address how to best develop our core intentions
during ceremonial works.

There will also be a special focus on how to bring our lessons with plant medicine into our public actions, with  sensitivity to the transformational times we live in, and an awareness of how our actions can effect others in our community. Each of us can be a leader to help make the change we know is necessary. 

The Osa Peninsula is also known as the "Little
Amazon" of Costa Rica. The immediate environment is superb for swimming,
bird-watching, canoeing, hiking, kayaking, ocean & river swimming, and
star-gazing. There will be guided nature walks, and scuba diving and surfing
will be available (for an additional fee).

Mornings will begin with a toning movement session, which
combines yoga, Qi Gong and bioenergetics into a healing session that helps you
to know your body better, and to integrate the ceremonial work of the week.
During off-days, there will be a group bathing ritual at the beach, as well as
optional dances that honor the elements inspired by the eastern movement arts.
Bodywork is also available (for an additional fee; schedule once you arrive).




Nando Vila is a Colombian healer, musician, and
environmentalist. He has worked closely with indigenous groups across South
America – such as the Camsra, Kogis, Sionas, Kofanes ,Emberas and Fulnio –
assisting with ecological projects and keeping alive the traditions of music,
plant medicine and ancient wisdom. Nando offers his gifts of song and purifying
healing in many ways, from holding prayer circles and workshops to, founding
indigenous preservation projects and youth leadership programs. His prayers are focused around the sweat lodge, pipe ceremonies, and the continuity of
herbal remedy wisdom and earth teachings. 


Kathi is a dancer and healer from Germany and South
Africa. She has spent time with elders from Bushmen tribes in southern Africa;
the Tuareg in the Sahara; Gabonese Eboga priestess Bernadette Riebenot; the
Lakota, Navajo and Cherokee in the United States; Xawante and Fulnio in Brazil;
and the Camsra and Kogi in Colombia. Kathi works toward the preservation of
indigenous wisdom, advocating rituals as a key element in human evolution and
initiation into adulthood. She embraces the spirit of the divine feminine through communion with the elements: the earth and its foods, the fire and its transformation, the water and its purifying power, and the air in which we move in our dance of life.




Guaria de Osa 

Guaria de Osa is a truly untouched haven of vibrant
rainforest, coastal wilderness, and picturesque beaches along the sparkling
Pacific Ocean. Named after the beautiful purple orchid that grows there, it is
a place of repose, rejuvenation, and connection with the spirit of nature.
Guaria sits just south of Drake Bay on the westernmost cove of the Osa
Peninsula, nestled in a secluded ethnobotanical garden of vivid ornamentals,
fruit trees, and medicinal plants. Just a short stroll from the lodges, its
beaches are home to a "biological treasure trove" of marine life in
undisturbed, protected waters. Dedicated to preserving the rainforests and
biodiversity of Central and South America, Guaria de Osa is a place for those
who truly love nature.



Tucked away just inside the forest edge from the coast is Guaria's campus, a unique collection of elegant lodges and cozy bungalows. Guaria
de Osa's main lodge is called the Lapa Lapa Lodge,
named after
the majestic neighborhood Scarlet Macaw (Lapa) that
permanently on the beaches. Surrounded by exuberant
gardens and topped with a meditation cupola and observatory, the
Lapa Lapa Lodge is an impressive feat of architecture set in a tropical paradise.




To sign up for the retreat, see the Registration section at the bottom of this page.

$100 discount to Evolver Social Movement Members

The Retreat cost includes:

* 3 sacred Amazonian plant medicine ceremonies

* 3 delicious, freshly prepared meals a day
(vegetarian options are available by request

* Transportation to Guaria de Osa from Drake Bay (see
Travel section below)

* 2 guided nature hikes

* Morning toning sessions each day (yoga/qi

* "Off-day" activities (bathing rituals,

Other activities are available for an additional fee,
including: horseback riding, snorkeling, scuba, surfing, bodywork, and

Indoor Lodging


* $2000 per person  (bungalows and tented lodging) 

Specific accommodations are offered on a first come,
first served basis, depending on availability. There are private
rooms available for couples, as well as singles beds in rooms shared
between 3
to 4 participants.

Tented cabin





Please note: Travel into and out of Costa Rica is not
included in the Retreat cost. Participants will need to make their own
arrangements to fly into San Jose. Please plan on arriving no later than August
14th, as we are arranging flights departing early on the 15th to make the trip to Guaria de
Osa from San Jose by air.

Participants will also need to book overnight
accommodations in San Jose for the evening of the 14th. We have a hotel in San
Jose, where we recommend all participants to stay.

Early on the morning of the 15th, we will depart from San
Jose airport to Drake Bay on a chartered flight with Nature Air, enjoying
spectacular views along the way. Once you sign up for the retreat you will be
given the details on how to reserve your seat on the flight.

Participants traveling on their own will meet with those coming via the flight in Drake Bay on August 15th at a time to be determined. (The bus from San Jose to Drake Bay is 5-7 hours.)

Upon arriving at Drake Bay, all transportation will be
provided as part of the Retreat cost. Together we will be transferred by jeep
to San Josecito beach and then by boat to Guaria de Osa. From here, it's a
leisurely 20-minute walk to reach our Retreat center. Any luggage will be
brought directly to the center, so a small day pack is recommended for the
beach hike.

If you choose not to take the chartered flight from San
Jose, it is possible to make your own way down to Drake Bay. There are other
options by air and over land available, including public buses. You would need
to plan on meeting the rest of the group at Drake Bay at a specified time on
August 15 to be transferred to Guaria de Osa. Please contact us for more



Space for this inaugural Reality Sandwich Plant Medicine Retreat is limited to 39 participants.

To participate, please download an application below, and email your completed application to stfrequency (at) gmail (dot) com. If you have questions regarding the retreat, accommodations or travel, please email us at the same address. 

50% of the Retreat cost is due by July 22, 2010 to reserve your space. Full payment is due by July 26th.

We look forward to joining you on this unforgettable adventure!