In this week's round-up,
discover the transformative possibilities for female viagra and the
blatant double standards in acceptable male and female behavior–in the
movies–as well as a new trend towards gay acceptance that reveals
antigay may be be the new old gay.

  • Will science fix the female orgasm? Female viagra and further assistance. (YourTango)
  • Read this and think. The double standards in movie reviews. Sex and the City 2 vs. Get Him to the Greek. (TheGloss)
  • Is antigay the new old gay? New research says more dudes are down with (the acceptance of) same sex love. (NYTimes)
  • In France, it's the size of your breasts and your reconstructive surgery that makes you a woman. (CarnalNation)
  • Teens have sex, and other findings on teens having sex. (USNews&WorldReport)
  • "You know you've arrived when they name a sex act after you." A John Waters interview. (Salon)
  • Circumcision and sex-related injuries. (Reuters)