Evolver is re-releasing our own version of Chat Roulette that some of you have already had fun expermenting with as a tool to "find the others."  Chat Roulette is one of the flavors of the moment on the internet. It's simple: The site pairs you with a random videochat partner. You can click "next" any time, or stay with your current pairing. Chat Roulette has been described as, "The Internet. UNFILTERED." The lure is seeing something strange–or doing something so strange that you blow your chat partner's mind.

Aside from random gems of inspired performance, it seems most of Chat Roulette is trolled by naked perverts. While this can be fun, we here at Evolver HQ got to thinking about the possibility of using our own version of Chat Roulette for more constructive ends within our community. We think that the random nature of its pairings could be a fun way to connect our far-flung members who wouldn't normally be able to meet. We envisioned brainstorming sessions and flirtations between like-minded and like-spirited Evolvers. Hence, the creation of SynchLink, a Chat Roulette clone created for and about the Evolver Social Movement.

Try SynchLink for yourself.

After trying SynchLink, please leave a comment on this blog post and discuss your experiences, ideas for improvement, and share stories of your meetings and random-access exchanges. The technology works better on some browsers than others (it seems Safari is better than Firefox), the sound sometimes reverbs and the image sometimes disappears but we are working on hammering all of that out. Please experiment and explore and let us know what you think.

SynchLink is always on, but we thought we'd set up weekly convening times (or "magic hours") as a way of encouraging regular use of the application.  We invite you to connect and join us as we encourage a new, possibly more intuitive way of gathering online:

Sundays 2PM-4PM EST

Wednesdays 9PM-11PM EST

Please spread the word and make a note of these times and have your web camera ready!

Evolver Social Movement is providing this for free, but if you value the effort we make to bring you new experiences and ideas, please join up and become a contributing member (http://www.realitysandwich.com/esm/join-evolver-social-movement-esm) so we can develop more fun projects and our global community of conscious activists working together to create a better world.



Image, "watching" on Flickr courtesy of Creative Commons Licensing